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Yardi launches Elevate Revenue, a new property management suite

Real estate software leader Yardi recently announced the launch of Increase revenue, a set of connected solutions designed to streamline the real estate lead conversion process. Drawing on its decades of experience designing real estate software, Yardi created Elevate Revenue to streamline how leads are turned into leases for landlords, asset managers, and leasing teams.

The newest entry in Yardi’s growing suite offers endless portfolio management possibilities, lead automation, collaboration tools, and comprehensive insights aimed at optimizing every step of the leasing process. Specifically, Elevate Revenue brings together the marketing, rental, and commissioning processes through the integration of other leading Yardi products: business advantage Marketing enables unprecedented list and lead management; Deal Manager accelerates deal flow and leasing operations for real estate professionals; Deal Manager Legal allows automatic generation of standard rental agreements in the application; and the CommissionTrac tool automatically tracks and pays all internal teams, as well as third-party brokers, in the final stage of commission management.

The Elevate suite also includes Edge Research, a powerful real estate data platform designed for landlords, asset managers, and leasing managers that offers comprehensive real estate data in major markets across the United States. Coverage includes nearly 14 million search properties totaling over 79 billion square feet of commercial real estate. real estate, as well as 1.3 million verified owners and 839,000 renters. In combination with the fully integrated Yardi Voyager web application, users can easily manage their portfolios and automate tenant operations. Finally, and in line with its objective of strengthening net operating income, Forecast Manager provides accurate revenue and NOI forecasts, giving real estate professionals a complete picture of their properties.

About Yardi

Founded in 1984 and based in Santa Barbara, California, Yardi® develops property management and investment software solutions for all types and sizes of real estate companies. For more information on how Yardi is energized for tomorrow, visit

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