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Why a Real Estate Agent Texts You About Buying Your Home

Austin Landlords have been bombarded by mail, phone and SMS with unsolicited offers to buy your home.

Why is this important: Offers can seem intrusive and, especially those that include a Google Street View of your property, a little scary.

  • It also sometimes feels like repudiation: the old bungalow my wife and I have owned for 15 years is starting to crumble, with lots of weeds in the front yard – “That’s the scary house down the street”, my wife half jokes. I can’t help but think that the subtext of the solicitations is: “Surely you just gave up.”

Driving the news: Last week I received this text…

“Hi Asher. I found your information in the city records. I am a lifelong resident of Austin. I offer hassle-free, no-cost home selling opportunities. I would love to log on today to discuss it.”

So I decided to call the texter: I wanted to know what life was like on the other side of those calls — and what the person’s Austin story is.

In the front, I told Taylor Hargrove, who dropped out, that I’m not interested in selling, but I’m an Axios reporter curious to learn more about the role she plays in Austin’s bonkers real estate market. .

  • She told me she was an acquisition specialist at Rebuilt Realty, a real estate investment firm, and confirmed that she had texted me.

Hargrove grew in Round Rock — her parents moved there in 2002, when she was 6 or 7, because her father got a job at Dell. Now she’s a young mother who lives in northern Williamson County.

How she got into the game: She stumbled into buying a home “a bit by accident” after a job at a leasing management company in Austin.

She works now towards her real estate license – and as a landlord receives these unsolicited solicitations herself.

Most, his texts go unanswered – some say they’re not interested (sometimes a little rudely – “I get responses that aren’t very friendly”), and others ask about the price.

Reconstructed Trends buy at 70-80% of market value.

  • “If you’re looking to get the most out of your property, we recommend using a real estate agent,” she told me.

So why would anyone work with you?

  • “We’re trying to make it as easy and quick as possible for all parties. They’ll take it as it is – no need to add a new roof or water heater. A lot of sellers don’t want to deal with a bunch visits or real estate agent fees. »
  • Hargrove told me she’s been involved in about 60 deals since she started at Rebuilt six months ago.

The bottom line: Sure, if you’re an owner, be annoyed by the message, but maybe not the messenger.

  • More: At least we have a house of our own.

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