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Who is Leslie Davis? Host of “Unsalable Homes” joined a real estate business after his nephew was diagnosed with cancer

The Pacific Northwest is considered a great place to live, work and raise a family. This is one of the reasons why the real estate market is booming in the most beautiful region of North America which is dotted with high mountains, fjords, bays, islands and bustling cities. One of the most productive real estate agencies in the area is Lamb Real Estate, owned by Lyndsay Lamb and her twin sister Leslie Davis.

We have already told you about Lyndsay Lamb and here we tell you a little about her sister Leslie who was born three minutes after her. The identical twins barely fight each other and are alike in many ways, making them a great team.


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Who is Leslie Davis in “Unsellable Houses”?

Leslie joined Lamb Real Estate in 2013. Her sister Lyndsay’s life was turned upside down that year after her son Miles was diagnosed with cancer and she immediately gave up all work-related matters and devoted her entire life. time to take care of it. Meanwhile, Leslie was happily working in sales at the time, realizing that she needed to step up her efforts for her sister more than she had ever done in the past. Lyndsay said her sister knew she liked the business she started in the early 2000s and in an interview she mentioned that it would have hurt her immensely if the business had collapsed while ‘she was ready to come back.

“I couldn’t see the future… but she could see that there would be an end to my son’s treatment.) Leslie quickly got her license and began serving my clients while I went out to take care of my child. son, ”Lyndsay said. “After a year of treatment my son was ready to go back to school and I was ready to go back to work. Luckily Leslie was smart enough to run the business and from that point on we have ran the business together, ”she said. added.

Leslie Davis is co-owner of Lamb Real Estate

On her LinkedIn profile, Leslie details her role in the business, saying that she guides “current and future owners through the buying process.” Leslie is the “Ninja of Operations” for the company and uses her strong marketing and sales experience of 7 years while working for a food brokerage company before joining Real Estate, to run the business of Lamb Real Estate . “I am proud to run a small family business and have the privilege of leading a team of high capacity real estate professionals who are dedicated to service, expertise and a healthy dose of fun! Together my team ranked among the best in Snohomish. best producing real estate teams, ”she wrote further.

Is Leslie Davis married?

Leslie has also been married to her husband Jacob for over 20 years. She shares three sons Kyler, Cash and Cole with him and a furry son Mookie.

What is Leslie Davis’ net worth?

In an interview, Leslie’s sister suggested that the real estate market is still booming and work hasn’t stopped for them, even in their forties. The team was working from home at full speed to deal with the exceptional sale of over 170 homes in 2019, which amounts to a few million. Even though Leslie’s net worth isn’t known to the public, there’s no doubt that she has a pretty impressive amount in the bank.

Season 2 of “Unsellable Houses” airs Tuesday, March 30 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. You can also watch the show online for free on the free trial of FuboTV, Philo and Sling.

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