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As a lawyer, Piacentini saw ways to control the process. If he could bring it together under one roof, he could control costs even more.

“What we’re trying to do is control the experience of buying or selling a home,” he said.

Tyler Kellerman, who opened McLean’s office in October, said CapCenter’s goal is to provide a professional service experience.

“We start with a trusted advisor mindset, which enables us to innovate in service and cost savings, and allows us to grow our service model,” said Kellerman.

As a lawyer previously in private practice working with entrepreneurs, Kellerman said he wanted to participate in the fun side of growing a business. But it couldn’t be a deal, he said. “It had to be the right one with the right frame of mind.”

By rationalizing the process and by eliminating or reducing fees, CapCenter can save buyers thousands of dollars in closing costs, up to $ 5,314 for a $ 300,000 home, according to the company’s website.

The higher the price of the house, the greater the savings in closing costs.

“When you cover the closing costs, it’s a lot of money,” Piacentini said. “The hardest part of buying a home is putting down a 5% down payment – $ 15,000 on a $ 300,000 home – and then an additional $ 5,314 in closing costs. “

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