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Ukraine’s first presentation of real estate companies for Israeli investors to be held in Tel Aviv

The first commercial presentation of real estate in Ukraine for Israeli investors, organized by the Global Israel Initiative in collaboration with UkraineInvest and the Ukrainian Embassy to the State of Israel, will be held on October 26 and 26 in Tel Aviv. The head of the international platform for cooperation and integration, the Israel Global Initiative, Alena Novgorodskaya, announced.

“The Embassy and our organization have decided to organize this event in a hybrid format – online / offline, potential Israeli investors will be brought together, 50 to 70 people every day. Ambassador Yevhen Korniychuk, as well as the organization’s director general in the Cabinet of Ministers of UkraineInvest (he will participate online) will speak. In addition, Israeli speakers will be present at the event physically, Ukrainians – with the help of teleconferences ”, – she said.

Alena Novgorodskaya stressed that today more than 500 responses to the event and about 200 completed participation forms have already been received.

“Our presentation will be followed by 4 large construction companies (3 Ukrainian and one Israeli-Ukrainian), which operate facilities throughout Ukraine, without competing, because some build in the ‘premium’ segment, others in the “economy” segment. They will all be making their presentations. A slice of the Ukrainian construction market and trends in Ukrainian real estate will be presented. A separate session will be devoted to legislative nuances ”, – she said.

The organizer of the event also pointed out that the presentation will take place in the new Ukrainian house.

“We also call it the Ukrainian Cultural Center or the Ukrainian Business Center. The Embassy plans to launch it by the end of September, the site is almost fully ready, repairs are complete. The Ukrainian house will be located near the Embassy, ​​it is a new two-story building, ”- said Alena Novgorodskaya.

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