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Tips for successfully running your real estate business during the COVID-19 pandemic – RISMedia

COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, has had an unexpected and immediate impact on the world. Businesses large and small, regardless of industry, are transforming, with many sending their employees home to practice social distancing.

It is no different for real estate companies. Earlier this month, the National Association of REALTORS® released guidelines to help agents respond to the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry. In its efforts to promote social distancing and other preventative measures, NAR has provided officers with advice on doing business, such as canceling large gatherings and events, limiting open houses and screenings, and establishing remote work policies to help close offices.

For real estate agents, open houses, home visits and meetings with clients have been enormously impacted. In times like these, with most of the people at home, social media will be a primary platform for any kind of communication. Staying connected to your customers, future home buyers and the community on these platforms is essential for agents to keep their businesses running smoothly in these unpredictable times.

Here are some tips to keep agents connected during this or any other pandemic.

Share useful and informative content
As NAR and others keep agents up to date, your customers need relevant information, especially if the pandemic is interfering with the home buying process. Keep your clients and subscribers informed of the impact of the coronavirus on the real estate industry. Share tips for those who work from home, such as setting up a productive home office. For those who still interact with the public, share best practices for staying healthy, limiting contact, and stocking up on needed items. If you choose to share news articles, check your resources to make sure you’re not spreading false information.

Be a timely and responsive resource
Keep the lines of communication open and be prepared for any questions you may be asked. Share your contact details with your customers and let them know that you are available if they need to contact you. Take the time to carefully read emails, posts and comments on social media and respond as soon as possible. Consider recording a Facebook Live video to answer customer questions in real time. This will not only be useful for those looking for a resource, but will also help you stay relevant.

Offer virtual tours and open houses
With social distancing, many home visits and open houses are canceled; However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t offer potential buyers a similar digital experience. For your available listings (of course, courtesy of the seller), use your phone or camera to record visits. If possible, edit your videos and post them alongside your ads and share them on all your social media accounts. Much like a FaceTime chat with a friend or family member, realtors can connect virtually and in real time with their potential clients. Most people use the Internet to begin their home search, so offering additional information, especially in a visual and interactive way, is a great tactic.

Consider automated solutions
As you implement these helpful new strategies, don’t let your daily content flow suffer. By automating your social media posts, you can save time and focus on the needs of your customers and the success of your business during a time when many are struggling. Programs like RISMedia’s ACESocial allow you to automatically post high-quality content to your social media accounts. By providing your social sphere with continuous updates, in addition to your new efforts, you can devote the time you need to adapt to changes in your business strategy.

While COVID-19 has created challenges for many industries and businesses, it has not suppressed the ability to adapt. Implementing these strategies can help your real estate business stay relevant, informative, and successful. By making these relevant changes now, you can ensure your success in the future.

Paige Brown is the Content Editor for RISMedia. Send him your ideas for real estate news by e-mail at

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