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This real estate company says PropTech will be the catalyst to expand its national services

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One of the biggest challenges cannabis businesses face when starting or expanding is finding a location that is zoned to allow a marijuana business to operate.

While many states have taken the plunge and legalized cannabis, some municipalities in those states have been slow to onboard, and those that allow marijuana businesses within their boundaries each have different zoning requirements. There are over 40,000 localities across the United States, each with its own sets of zoning codes and allowing for complexity.

Without a clear map showing businesses the path to securing a location for their business, it would be difficult to navigate a smooth real estate transaction. In Arizona, for example, only 1% of commercial real estate properties can be used by cannabis businesses.

Although there are real estate investment trusts (REITs) like Innovative industrial properties IIRP and NewLake Capital Partners Inc. NLCP who provide much-needed capital by acquiring independent industrial and retail properties and leasing them to cannabis companies, the whole process begins with commercial real estate solutions that address the complexity of cannabis transactions.

This is where Scottsdale, Arizona, Zoned properties ZDPY comes with its full range of real estate development services. Zoned Properties has created a new division — PropTech Services – which focuses on investing in various real estate technology platforms, including GIS mapping and data services, to provide solutions for complex markets such as regulated cannabis.

Zoned Properties works with multi-state operators, businesses seeking to obtain a license and license owners looking for new locations.

The company says its team of experts and proprietary technology platforms give its clients the edge they need to make informed real estate decisions.

Zoned Properties said it has partnered with real estate zoning experts Zoneomics to help cannabis businesses identify zoned properties that can be licensed and licensed for their operations.

New PropTech solution, a decade in the making

Under the REZONE brand, Zoned Properties says its intelligence mapping platform will focus on democratizing cannabis commercial real estate data, providing hundreds of thousands of service professionals, commercial operators and real estate investors with the data and the information they need to successfully develop regulated real estate projects. .

Zoned Properties believes the subscription-based software platform will allow it to scale its unique real estate services through artificial intelligence. The project team plans to launch the platform in mid-2022.

“Anyone from the historic grower to a multimillion-dollar real estate company that has just dipped their toes into regulated markets will be able to leverage this technology for their own use,” said Bryan McLaren, CEO of Zoned Properties.

The company believes REZONE has the ability to transform both the real estate and technology landscape. This could allow everyone to find information on their own rather than relying on a real estate company to share their data. Although some cities try to make their own maps, they may not have the resources or funds to have them built. REZONE aims to give them the tools to create a real estate plan at a lower cost.

“Ultimately, Zoned Properties is delivering technology that will bridge the gap between cannabis startup operations and multi-million dollar real estate companies with REZONE,” said Berekk Blackwell, COO of Zoned Properties.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.

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