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This leader shares his roadmap for a $ 1 billion real estate company

When Brett Jennings, founder of Real Estate Experts in San Jose, set a goal of reaching $ 1 billion in annual sales volume, he didn’t think he would actually have achieved it.

But he must have listed something like a “big, hairy, bold goal” over 10 years for a business planning exercise. So even though he was reasonably sure it wasn’t possible, he wrote down $ 1 billion.

In November 2021, just five years after setting that goal, Brett crossed the $ 1 billion mark. We caught up with Brett to talk about how he got there.

Explain why you are here

“Higher levels of success don’t come from greater sharpening, they come from greater alignment,” said Brett. “Until you align your personal goal with what you do for a living, you’re not fully optimized. “

While working on a business planning exercise that asked him to write his own eulogy, Brett realized that he would not be remembered for selling hundreds of homes: he would be remembered. for the way he has led and inspired others. Helping his team grow has become his “big why” and his singular objective.

Invest in your people and the money will follow

Once he understood his “big why,” Brett realized he needed to get more involved in the training and training of his agents.

So he reframed his goals, shifting from making money to having an impact. “When I stopped focusing on my own sales and focused on growing and developing my people, it all fell into place,” said Brett. “I started to really put into practice a principle I first heard from Zig Ziglar: ‘If you help enough people get what they want, you will automatically get what you want. “

Continuing that trend, this year, instead of focusing on that $ 1 billion goal, Brett pledged to help at least five of his agents earn $ 1 million in commissions each. This shift in focus has paid off: at least 15 of Brett’s agents will earn $ 1 million in gross commissions this year, a dynamic that has helped push real estate experts as a whole above the $ 1 billion mark. dollars in 2021.

Develop a clear plan

“Clarity is power,” Brett said. “Developing a perfectly clear plan gives you the certainty you need to take the daily actions necessary to achieve your goal.”

Through his strategic partnership with Side, Brett has developed a detailed plan that outlines exactly what needs to happen each quarter (how many homes need to be sold, how many leads need to be generated, etc.) that his company and agents need to reach. . their goals.

Run relentlessly

“Ideas sell for a dime a dozen,” said Brett. “It’s the execution that really makes the difference. Wealth exists in the gap between ideas and their implementation.

Brett’s team meets every 90 days to align with their strategic plan and make sure they’re on track. And its Commercial Director at Side tracks the team’s results, identifying and mitigating inefficiencies that hinder their growth.

Want to grow your team to $ 1 billion in sales? Follow this roadmap.

To help other growth-minded leaders, Brett mapped out the seven stages of his journey to $ 1 billion, including challenges, key hires, and goals for each stage.

For a detailed look at exactly how Brett approached each stage of growing his business, you can download Brett’s full roadmap at In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of the seven steps:

1. Team leader
Transactions per year: 25-50
Agents: 2-4
Key rental: Rockstar administrator

2. Marketing
Transactions per year: 50-75
Agents: 3-6
Key Recruitment: Marketing Specialist

3. Sales Director
Transactions per year: 60-100
Agents: 6-10
Key recruitment: inside sales department

4. Producer
Transactions per year: 80-150
Agents: 8-15
Key recruitment: Sales manager

5. Recruiter
Transactions per year: 100-250
Agents: 10-30
Key recruitment: director of operations

6. Chief
Transactions per year: 250-750
Agents: 30-60
Key recruitment: department heads

7. Visionary
Transactions per year: 750+
Agents: 60-150
Key recruitment: Production manager for personal company

Download Brett’s roadmap for a $ 1 billion plan here.

Brett’s number one tip for agents looking to follow a similar path: “Be absolutely clear about your mission, vision and long-term plan. Then translate that plan into numbers and execute it. But it all starts with being clear about what you want – and why you want it. “

Real Estate Experts, which grew from $ 124 million in 2019 to over $ 1 billion in 2021, has partnered with Side, a behind-the-scenes brokerage platform that partners exclusively with the best agents, teams and freelancers. to create and develop their own boutique brands without the cost, time or risk of operating a brokerage.

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