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The roots of the family and real estate business go back more than 100 years: NEREJ

Evan Plotkins

Springfield, MA “100% Location”, a real estate slogan coined by Nathan Nirenstein more than 100 years ago to describe the best locations for retail businesses in a commercial area, is still as relevant as it was then. In 1920, Springfield real estate entrepreneur Nathan Nirenstein started a business that mapped “100% locations” on major commercial streets in at least 270 cities in the United States and Canada. Nirenstein’s National Realty Map Co. quickly sold regional atlases to commercial site selectors, lenders, and other real estate investors. These atlases are proudly displayed at NAI Plotkin’s corporate headquarters at 1350 Main St. in Springfield, and can be found in libraries across the United States, including the Library of Congress.

Image from Nirenstein’s Atlas

Nathan Nirenstein’s grandson, Evan Plotkin, continues his grandfather’s legacy as the third generation to serve as President and CEO of NAI Plotkin. His commercial real estate company has served western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut for nearly 60 years. Indeed, the firm will celebrate its 60th anniversaryand year of activity in 2023.

Evan has managed all aspects of the family business locally and nationally since the late 1980s. Real estate is in his blood, and it comes naturally to him. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality from Florida International University, he joined his father, Samuel Plotkin, and brother Oscar as the family business boomed. The company needed a property manager and Evan jumped on it and never looked back.

Evan is actively involved in the transformation and revitalization of downtown Springfield and is well known for his community involvement. Part of his downtown efforts include more than 15 years of successfully managing One Financial Plaza, a 330,000 square foot office tower in the central business district. Thanks to Evan’s vision and dedication, the building offers visitors and tenants a great office experience, with retail and office space at a fraction of what other Metro Centers like Hartford or Boston nearby.

A Financial Center – Springfield, MA

Post-pandemic, Plotkin believes building rentals will continue to increase, with many businesses looking to expand and expand in downtown Springfield. “People are starting to return to the office after working remotely for nearly two years and NAI Plotkin’s brokerage division is seeing a significant increase in companies looking to expand into larger spaces and new start-ups. ups looking for new space interested in downtown Springfield. We look forward to serving tenants looking for space, including retail, office and industrial, or clients and owners looking to sell their property,” said Plotkin.

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