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The real estate company RE / MAX launches a Guyana franchise

The international real estate company RE / MAX made its official entry into the Guyanese market last night in the hope of expanding and bringing a higher level of service to the country.

RE / MAX, which stands for Real Estate Maximums, was founded in 1973 in Denver, Colorado in the United States and currently has offices in over 110 countries around the world. The company, which will be known here as RE / MAX Guyana, has launched in the Aura Sky Lounge at the Pegasus Hotel and is expected to open its MovieTowne office soon.

During the launch, one of the founders of the new business, Shiv Misir, who has worked in the real estate industry in Canada for about 33 years and with RE / MAX for about 25 of those years, pointed out that it was a while. exciting to return to his native Guyana and participate in such an endeavor. The franchise here is run by Misir and Heeralall Naraine, a Guyanese businessman.

Shiv Misir

Misir noted that he had been traveling back and forth between Canada and Guyana for the past four years and that after noticing the need for organized real estate in the country, he thought he should go for it. this company. “I have noticed in recent years that there is a need for organized real estate in Guyana, something that I have not seen and I hope that with the arrival of RE / MAX, it will launch some form of organized real estate where people can come for training, get the knowledge, get the expertise, ”Misir explained.

He also revealed that he had developed a strong desire to return to Guyana and invest in the country. According to Misir, Guyana is currently going through a gradual phase with many international companies looking to start their businesses here.

“The timing is right, it’s been in the works for a long time but as the old saying goes, everything comes at the right time and I think it’s the right time for RE / MAX to launch in Guyana and we hope that we will obtain the support, the cooperation of the people ”, declared Misir, quoted

While launching the company, the Senior Minister in the Office of the President in charge of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, applauded the company for its interest in improving the Guyanese market and noted that now, more than ever, it there is an unprecedented level of investor interest. in Guyana due to the country’s economic situation.

“I believe that the history of Guyana being ready in the current era for a historic economic take-off is well known. I think the remarkable economic potential that we have and the fact that we are on the verge of realizing that potential is well known, ”Singh said.

He added that with increased interest from international investors, people are not only looking for investment opportunities, but quality goods and services not previously found in the Guyanese market.

Meanwhile, Misir noted that the RE / MAX brand offers training all over the world and therefore intends to bring real estate experts here on a regular basis to train the agents and launch them into the business.

“I know it’s going to be tough at first, but hopefully the government officials who are here should arrange for people who want to get into the business to do so and have a qualifying setup for them. so that they can go for training and education before getting their license, ”Misir suggested.

Although he indicated that the company will also seek to train young entrepreneurs looking to get into the real estate business, he pointed out that RE / MAX Guyana has the main franchise rights for sale in Guyana and hopes to expand the business. with offices in the various administrative regions.

The company was officially launched with a groundbreaking ceremony.

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