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Stefon Bertram opens Sydney’s newest premium real estate agency, Pello

The Pello website went live over the Easter weekend with a number of other rosters to add to the site, as well as other news from new team members.

The announcement:

pello, a new model premium real estate agency, focused on mastering market segments in terms of price and location, has officially opened its doors.

Founded by Sydney’s leading estate agent and high performance business coach Stefon Bertram, Pello is launching with agencies in three highly competitive Lower North Shore, Upper North Shore and Northern Suburb markets. from Sydney – Mosman, Gladesville and Wahroonga.

Pello’s services include both property sales and property management. It will start by offering over 125 in-market and off-market listings to potential buyers.

Over the past 12 months, Pello’s specialist agents have sold a total of 500 properties north of Harbor Bridge worth over $1 billion.

Mr. Bertram said Pello’s unique operating system is built around market segment expertise, a high performance culture and custom in-house technology.

“Pello offers a new approach for sellers where each member of our team is a dedicated expert in a specific price and lifestyle segment,” said Pello Group CEO Stefon Bertram.

“Our agents maintain a disciplined local focus in their price range and become specialists, rather than dispersing across multiple price ranges and property types.

“This is a clear point of difference from the prevailing industry model of multiple agents or teams with multiple leaders (EBUs) within the same agency competing on different price points.

“By mastering and dealing exclusively within one price segment, Pello agents have the expertise and intimate knowledge necessary to achieve exceptional sales results for all clients.

“We believe this targeted system will help us stand out in a crowded marketplace by providing the specialization and proficiency our customers and teams deserve,” Bertram said.

All Pello agents are supported by the group’s Peloton System & Mastery Coaching, with in-house technology supporting accountability, workflow and future data. This includes a single, high-performing support team in each office.

Mr. Bertram said that while the short-term goal is firmly to build strong customer relationships and great business in the inaugural Pello locations, the long-term goal is to establish 20 Pello branches across the high-end real estate markets across Australia.

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