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Seven-figure real estate business launched during Covid-19 pandemic

The real estate market, especially for affordable housing, has seen a few difficult years due to economic conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these periods also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs who can think of innovative ways to create value for buyers and sellers. Beni Fwelo and Marquis Robinson, founders of Skyview Acquisitions Group, are two entrepreneurs with humble beginnings who started a real estate business during the pandemic and have already achieved 7-figure revenues.

Early onset

Beni Fwelo was born in Congo and moved to the United States after graduating from high school. Growing up, he always had an interest in entrepreneurship, attempting a variety of businesses during school, from organizing events to selling products at school. Coming to the United States as an immigrant who couldn’t speak English after high school put him on the back burner and “it wasn’t an easy transition,” he recalls. While acclimating to the United States, he held several jobs, the first being a dishwasher. He knew it wouldn’t be a long-term endeavor and over time he managed to land a position at Comcast in the sales arena. He thrived in this role and began to dream of climbing the corporate ladder, putting entrepreneurial thinking at the back of his mind. However, despite performing well, his team was made redundant due to structural changes highlighting how fragile your job can be when working for someone else, which rekindled his desire to start his own business and move on. control his fate.

While exploring businesses to pursue, he spoke to friends and family who worked in real estate, an area he was interested in and who decided to study. After gaining conviction, he committed to learning about the industry and “the first year was tough,” he recalls. Much of this learning was self-taught before eventually obtaining her real estate license. In his first few transactions mistakes were made, but he found his niche when he stumbled upon wholesale property sales, where he matched buyers and sellers, which made the process much easier for them and his company was charging for the service. Over time the momentum started to grow and he was earning a good income to make his team bigger. It was then that he met his business partner, Marquis Robinson.

Similar to Beni, Marquis had an unorthodox track in real estate. He started his career in sales at Verizon. While the role was ideal for learning sales and negotiation skills that would come in handy later, it became apparent to Marquis that this was not an area he had a great deal of passion for. He had first studied to work in the education sector, having grown up in a family where education was not common; he wanted to do something where he could give back to his community. He eventually left Verizon and worked as a teacher for 3 years, earning $ 2,000 a month, which was a great way for him to fulfill his mission of giving back, but he felt he could do more to earn an income. while giving back to the community through entrepreneurship. He knew he was good at selling from his years working at Verizon and stumbled across a real estate seminar that motivated him to look into the industry. Shortly after the seminar in 2018, he quit his job and had a mentor who helped teach him the ropes. In 2020, he was making 6 figures for his real estate business and that’s when Beni approached him to launch Skyview Acquisitions Group together.

Skyview Acquisitions Group

The duo formed Skyview Acquisitions Group at the end of 2020 and began working on the company in early 2021. Initially operating in the wholesale market, matching buyers and sellers looking for a seamless transaction that required a Much shorter selling process, the duo have since reinvested their profits and are now also buying and renovating properties and then reselling them for a higher value. Since buying and renovating affordable properties goes beyond mere financial gain, they recognize how scarce affordable housing is today and, as it expands into other areas such as multi-family homes, they expect this branch of their business to help them. solve some of these problems for the families they sell to.

They have built a team that helps reach passionate buyers and sellers who they have taught many sales and negotiation skills that they have learned throughout their careers. The company is on track to make $ 2 million this year and is currently operating in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida markets with plans to expand into Texas later this year.

Giving Back Through Education

Something extremely important for Beni and Marquis as they have had some success with their businesses will be providing education through their platform. Considering what they have accomplished against all odds, they feel it their duty to pay it to people who come from similar backgrounds to theirs. Over the next few months, they will be offering seminars and courses as well as observation opportunities for interns to achieve this goal.

The duo changed their lives and achieved great things very quickly. They attribute their success to sacrifice, hard work, and patience, traits that they can hopefully pass on to others to achieve a similar level of success.

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