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Real estate company reports growth in downtown Augusta

AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – More and more businesses want to locate in downtown Augusta. And new data from a real estate company shows the folks at CSRA are already helping make that possible.

This market report details what is already happening on Broad Street and all around downtown. Growth. Meybohm Commercial anonymously obtains information from your cell phone and credit card using the company to find out.

“We found, in our analysis for this retailer, that Block 11 at 1300 was a better fit for them than Block 2900 at Washington Road,” said Jonathan Aceves, Commercial and Leasing Advisor at Meybohm.

Move west from Augusta, downtown is the place to be. That’s what the latest Downtown Market report on traffic along Broad Street and beyond reveals.

Meybohm set it up in order to attract restaurants, shops and accommodation to the city’s riverside space.

Aceves told NewsChannel 6: “I think over the next year you’re going to see more restaurants driven by demand, driven by the extra apartments, driven by the extra office space here coming to the center- city.”

And once those companies get there, the people will already be there. Meybohm found that compared to the year COVID-19, the number of visits has increased by more than 60% this year in the shopping area of ​​12th Street Downtown.

And places like Soultry Sounds, a nightclub and bar on Ellis Street, have opened. As more downtown properties sell, others are for sale.

“We are also seeing a sharp increase in office space. We have the Cyber ​​Center which announced that they are going to build another building here. It will be more jobs here. These people have to have lunch somewhere and they have to buy things on Broad Street. So I think next year you’re going to see a transformation, ”he said.

One of the largest buildings in the downtown core will also experience a new lease of life, the Lamar Building. Pace Burt, a developer from Albany, Georgia, bought the iconic location for more than $ 2.1 million last month and will create around 70 apartments.

“We would like to eventually have an area in the Lamar building for people to show their arts, sell their arts, things like that,” Burt added.

The report is a quarterly report, so we will be following the growth of the city center in the future.

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