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Real Estate Company Paves the Way for More Townhomes in Byron | Community

BYRON, Minn – The city of Byron is growing. On Tuesday, Black Swan Real Estate unveiled a new collection of townhouses in the Stone Haven neighborhood. Employees of the real estate company joined employees of the Altra Federal Credit Union and Key Builders for the grand opening.

“We have the builder, the lender, the whole team here that made it all possible, so we’re here to celebrate,” said Nick Stageberg, owner of Black Swan Real Estate.

The company chose to build more homes in the Byron neighborhood because of what the community has to offer.

“Byron is an amazing community to live in. There is a huge demand for housing and we are just grateful for this opportunity to meet that demand. “

The Stone Haven neighborhood will soon have 30 new townhouses to accommodate Byron’s growing population.

“I think we’re approaching 6,000 right now. A lot of the towns around us are holding up, but it looks like Byron is taking a nice course on homes and people,” said Mayor Daryl Glassmaker.

With new townhouses on the way and more to come, Glassmaker predicts Byron’s population will reach nearly 7,000 over the next five years. He also believes that many people are relocating to the community because of the quality of the school district and is optimistic that growth will continue to improve schools.

Phase two of the townhouses is expected to be completed by spring 2022.

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