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Real estate company Lowe and Co targeted by online poster campaign

Mix Irving, a member of the group behind the site, told Morning Report he found the actual Lowe and Co billboards, which featured phrases such as “We love Newtown” and “We can talk being the best in Wellington, but we’d rather show you”, infuriating.

“In a market where people of my generation are really struggling to afford housing, whether it’s buying new homes for the first time, or even renting sometimes, rejoicing in how you you’re coping in the middle of it doesn’t feel very good.”

He said he originally considered defacing the billboards, but realized there was another option.

“So, do I do the idea of ​​photoshopping billboards and putting them on the internet? Because who knows if it’s real or not.

“A friend of mine, Sam took this idea and created a prototype of this app, which allows anyone to write their own billboard.”

Lowe and Co chief executive Craig Lowe said in a statement that the company’s campaigns have always been ironic.

“So we see the humor in many memes and we’re honored that our billboards have garnered so much attention.

“Of course, this highlights the bigger issue of housing affordability in New Zealand. We care deeply about every generation being able to buy a home and we’re happy to be part of that conversation.”


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