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Real estate company Cates Auction expands real estate services division

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cates Auction & Realty Co., Inc. Expands Estate Services Division. A central element of Cates Auction’s activity since its creation in 1942, the company is now expanding this sector of activity by announcing the deployment of several new initiatives relating to personal goods. These plans include adding a personal property sales manager and developing a partner marketing program.

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The Estate Services division offers Cates Auction clients the opportunity to downsize their estates. Their offerings include research, photography and cataloging of many types of assets. The department has decades of experience in the sale of housewares, equipment, vehicles and other specialty items.

The department’s workforce expansion plan includes the integration of experienced real estate staff as well as new people to the industry. The main objectives of Cates Auction with this initiative are to improve its service offerings to its customers while offering new opportunities to job applicants.

Since its inception, Cates Auction has always found new and innovative ways to serve its customers. The company’s willingness to evaluate and adopt new technologies coupled with its experience in selling real estate helped fuel this decision.

“Go back to our roots with and serve Kansas City the way my dad and grandfather did it, it’s something I’m very passionate about ”, said CEO Jeff Cates. “This is the perfect time to bring these same innovative strategies that we have focused on integrating into our real estate sales process alongside our company’s real estate services. “

With the expansion of the Estate Services division, Cates Auction is now better positioned to help clients and businesses looking to work with a reputable local business that invests in providing a simple, transparent and customer-driven sales process. Marlet.

To learn more about Cates Auction’s real estate services division and partner marketing program, send an email [email protected] or call 877-781-1134.

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Founded in 1942, Cates Auction, a fourth-generation family business, is the Midwest’s premier real estate auction marketing company. Their rich history of service offerings now includes a transition services department alongside their long-standing real estate and real estate services divisions.

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