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Algarve, Portugal, November 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The coronavirus pandemic has hit most of the world’s economies hard. With the shutdown of production and aggregate demand in most industries, one industry would have survived the crisis and prospered is the housing and real estate industry.

With experts predicting now is the best time to research and invest in real estate, real estate agency Ideal Homes International is helping people find their dream home and start over in these quiet times.

About Ideal Homes International:

Ideal Homes International is the largest private real estate company in Europe offering properties for sale in the Algarve, Lisbon and Portugal.

He takes pride in offering friendly, personalized service and since the team behind Ideal Homes International wants the client’s experience with them to be as enjoyable as possible, they have put in the time and effort to find and choose the right property. for their clients.

Founded in 2012, Ideal Homes International quickly became the leading real estate services company in the Algarve due to the knowledge and expertise of its founders in the field, having worked for several years in the international real estate sector, at the both in Portugal and in the world.

They specialize in providing services to customers wishing to buy in Portugal, throughout the buying process and beyond, they always provide full support to their customers.

With a dedicated team of friendly and experienced staff, they can advise you on all aspects of real estate ownership in Portugal. Working with the right people when dealing with a foreign country is always important wherever you go.

With their long-standing links with developers, other agents and owners in the Algarve, clients can be sure that Ideal Homes International will find them the perfect home to meet their needs, whether it is for a secondary residence, an investment or a future main residence. . They also have contacts for reliable furniture suppliers, gardeners and anything else a client might need to personalize their new home in the Algarve.

At Ideal Homes International, they are ready to go the extra mile for their clients. Their services include: obtaining a residence visa in Portugal and Spain for their clients, moving currencies, selling real estate when registered for sale, renting and real estate management, visiting travel and mortgage processing.

What sets Ideal Homes International apart from the competition?

  • Ready to go further:

At Ideal Homes, they are committed to providing their customers with an exceptional level of service. They don’t just want to find a property for a client, they want to match clients with their perfect property. Seeing their customers so happy is what continues to move them forward and maintain their leadership position in the market.

  • Listen to what the customer wants:

Ideal Homes International selects their properties based on the wants and needs of the clients, creating a personalized portfolio especially for them. With their highly trained professionals helping people, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

  • Full range of services under one roof:

From the start of the journey to find their dream home abroad, they will follow every step of the way. From arranging tailor-made property viewing experiences to assisting with all legal and financial processes, they are always willing and able to assist and advise you. Ideal Homes continues even after the keys have been handed over, with its fantastic after-sales team who can help you with everything from checking your mail to a full rental management service for those making an investment.

Follow in the footsteps of the many clients that Ideal Homes has helped find their perfect home in the sun.

To learn more about Ideal Homes International, visit their website:

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