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FEMALE LED INDUSTRY: Jacqui Powell says property management is dominated by women and Tamworth’s female estate agents hold most of the best sales results.

CREATED by Jacqui Powell, Partner Now Property is a full-service real estate company specializing in property sales and management.

Jacqui was a branch manager for 12 years at Nutrien/Davidson Cameron Tamworth and in real estate sales at Burke and Smyth.

“The opportunity arose to purchase the Nutrien / Davidson Cameron real estate business in January 2021, so we decided to purchase it to ensure our clients had a local, reliable, full-service real estate agency. focused on the Tamworth market,” said Jacqui.

Real estate is a smart choice for many women.

Property management is dominated by women, and Tamworth’s female estate agents hold the majority of top sales records, Jacqui said.

“Our team at Partner Now is empowered to develop a career, we don’t have jobs here,” she said.

“If people are passionate about their own family, we find that translates to better outcomes for clients because we’re authentic and sympathetic to the real world.

“Passion is the one thing our entire team has in common. This common thread offers our customers and our community every day.

“Real estate lacks female business leaders, primarily due to lack of opportunities and training; our team is encouraged to constantly train and learn, which ultimately turns aspiration into inspiration leading to the achievement of dreams.”

Another benefit of having a predominantly female workforce is the empathy shown by customers, Jacqui said.

“Partner Now Property stands out because our people deliver the best results for our clients,” she said.

“Our entire team has such a variety of life experiences that nothing ever gets in the way of our ability to find an appropriate solution for our clients, whether it’s fixing a blocked drain or a roof leak at midnight for a tenant or run a property sales and marketing campaign or run the best auction events in Tamworth.”

The team will mark International Women’s Day today with a morning tea. The day celebrates the achievements of women and aims to raise awareness against prejudice.

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