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Pahrump’s new real estate activity opens its doors

Officials from the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce held a special groundbreaking ceremony for a brand new real estate business that recently opened this month.

Located at 2360, boul. Calvada, Suite A-1, Line X Line Realty Owner and Broker Shirayne Waite urges buyers, sellers and real estate agents to rely on her expertise to guide you through the real estate process.

As a longtime resident of southern Nevada, Waite said she has been operating in the market for more than five years, but the pandemic then struck.

“After about two years my other associates and I were talking about doing it, and I considered it, but COVID-19 happened,” Waite said. “I have a very compromised husband and an 86 year old mother, so I chose to take a year off and during that time I went to school.

“I got my broker license and I was just going to do trade coordination, which I’m very interested in, and it would be a side business, but my husband said I’m a broker and should pursue -he, so here I am.

Road to recovery

Now that his real estate business is in full swing, Waite has spoken of the apparent surge in house prices in the area.

“Home prices right now in southern Nevada are near an all-time high,” she said. “On March 20 of last year, median home prices were around $ 289,000, but last month they were on average around $ 330,000. This is very encouraging for me, but the other news is that we currently only have 83 announcements in Pahrump, and only one is brand new. In other words, we have a lot of land and the market is rocking and rolling right now. “

It’s just crazy

Conversely, Waite also shared her thoughts on the high number of evictions currently underway in southern Nevada, which was of major concern to her.

“Unfortunately, there are also a lot of evictions, and it could get very, very scary here very soon,” she noted. “We don’t really know which direction they will go when the governor lifts the moratorium. Like I said, I had to stay back for the sake of my family, and during that time I could really see the market was going crazy. I don’t have a better word, but I can honestly say that right now we probably need some new construction, but where are we going to get all the water? We’re in a catch-22 right now in my opinion.


Originally from Silver State, Waite graduated from Rancho High School and years later moved to the peaceful community of Blue Diamond to raise her two daughters.

During this time, she met and eventually married her best friend Bert Waite, where they both worked in the construction industry.

In case she has some free time, Waite said she enjoys off-roading and photography.

Regarding the location adjacent to the Calvada Eye, Waite said it was actually another local real estate company that encouraged her to check out her new digs.

“I really like my location,” she noted. “I was looking for another place, but Walter from Access Realty told me he had something and needed to take a look. I have been feeling very, very good since entering this building, and my view is amazing.

It should also be noted that the letter “X” in his company name, Line X Line Realty, does not represent the Roman numeral or the penultimate letter of the alphabet, as it simply represents the preposition “by.” “

To contact Line X Line Realty, call 702-321-9019 or log on to their Line X website Line

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