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Nov 15 – Veterans-Focused Real Estate Company Launches to Help Military Families | Residential real estate

November 15, 2021 – A local veteran is launching a new type of real estate company to help military families access homeownership and strengthen their financial security.

Eric Lukkarinen was a soldier in the United States Army until 2001. After completing his service, he was a real estate agent for 20 years, accumulating sales experience with a concentration in residential transactions between buyers and sellers. Its primary residential focus has been military sales with the use of VA loan packages and overall management of income generating real estate with specific experience in military PCS / relocations. Lukkarinen loved to serve his country, but always had an eye on the future, a desire to give back to his community and an entrepreneurial inclination, which prompted him to officially launch his own business, American Veteran Properties.

With his business plan in place, Lukkarinen has hired staff, including his team of skilled and experienced real estate professionals, many of whom are veterans or military dependents. The Bryan County-based American Veteran Properties is the first of its kind in the region, but eventually Lukkarinen hopes to establish branches of the company near all of the country’s major military bases. First of all, however, he is eager to put his brand new business to service the community he lives in, making AVP synonymous with quality service, family support and local advocacy for wealth creation. military.

“Good things happen when you take care of people, especially the people who care for us. When you take the burden off military families in this way, they are happier and healthier. Members of the military appreciate their work more and exceed expectations; when money is not a concern, the whole situation improves dramatically, as does the quality of life. Our country is thus better protected. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, ”said Lukkarinen.

To celebrate the opening of American Veteran Properties, Lukkarinen has chosen to support a veteran-focused nonprofit, Combat Boots 2 the Boardroom, which aims to transform lives by promoting the economic independence of veterans and of their families through education, soft skills training and professional image transformation. , and support in job search. AVP is sponsoring Combat Boots 2 the upcoming annual gala and boardroom auction on November 20 in downtown Richmond Hill. According to Lukkarinen, this is just one of the many ways he plans to support the military and veteran community through personal and business endeavors in the years to come.

“We consider this gala to be our company’s first major networking event – kind of an unveiling – and we hope to meet a lot of great people and build new, valuable relationships,” said Lukkarinen. “We’ll have some nice promotional items and freebies at our sponsor table, so hopefully people stop to chat, get to know us, and buy some little complimentary goodies. We are honored to be a part of the event and of this wonderful community.

Shortly after completing his military service, Lukkarinen became a real estate agent and, while working in the Bryan, Liberty and Chatham counties areas, realized a niche that was not filled when it came to specific needs of military families. He is also keen to provide career opportunities to other veterans after leaving service by having them join his team as agents or in other capacities.

“No one was teaching them how to take advantage of their benefits to put their families at ease while developing upward mobility and growing their personal wealth,” said Lukkarinen. “It is an extremely important concept which, if used correctly, can greatly improve the quality of life of a soldier and allow him to live a good life after leaving the military. “

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