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Nigerian real estate company, Revolution Plus, under fire over allegations of fraud, failure to allot properties after collecting full payments

Some Nigerians have accused Revolution Plus, a real estate company, of fraud.

Customers who took to social media accused the company of not assigning them properties after making full payment.

However, in a statement posted on its Instagram page on Wednesday, the company dismissed the allegations, adding that the company “is built on integrity and trust.”

The company also said it is looking into customer complaints. He assured that all his clients would be taken care of in due course, adding that allocations were usually made in batches.

“We would like to state that, as is the case with every business entity, there will always be some dissatisfied customers, but we would like to provide some clarification on the series of complaints and allegations made against us, as this will enable us to resolve any underlying issues,” it read.

“Due to the high volume of subscribers subscribing to our domains, assignments are often made in batches and we can often exceed the time allowed for assignment.”

Here are some of the allegations against the company;

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