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Need a break? 3 systems that will automate the growth of real estate businesses

The ability to leverage systems to scale growth is what elevates the best producers from all other agents. Follow these tips to automate your business, fuel your growth, and avoid burnout.

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If your business is booming due to healthy market activity over the past couple of years and you are feeling stressed out by this growth and you are peaking, burnout could be in your device.

Implementing automations, often referred to as systems, in your business can help relieve stress so that you can focus on working with more buyers and sellers.

The ability to leverage systems to scale growth is what elevates the best producers from all other agents. Follow these tips to automate your business, fuel your growth and avoid exhausting yourself.

Don’t hit it the old fashioned way

Today’s agents are more technologically equipped than ever – and your customer relationship management (CRM) the software could put you behind your competition by default.

CRMs can track large amounts of data and metrics while keeping everything organized and visible for easy delegation to your team, but a good CRM doesn’t have to be cumbersome and unusable.

Rudy kusuma

A common problem with most CRMs that are explicitly designed for realtors is that they try to solve all of your problems and in doing so create new ones in terms of usability. If you spend more time fiddling with the settings and features of your CRM than actually using the information it stores, it’s time to get a new one.

“Now more than ever, real estate is a competitive business, and the best way to stay competitive is to use technology better than the other,” Rudy kusuma, Founder and CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed, said. “Leverage existing technology to work for you to save time and stress and ensure you stay ahead of the competition. “

If there’s one thing that sets a great CRM apart from the rest, Kusuma added, it’s cloud integration. Bringing your relationship management to the web allows you to access data from your phone, laptop, desktop, and anywhere in between.

This should make it incredibly easy to share and communicate with the customers whose relationships you are trying to manage. This should simplify your ability to analyze and use the data.

Don’t make yourself comfortable

Don’t get stuck by setting up automation and then resting on your laurels. As they say, don’t define it and forget it. If a better system presents itself, don’t be afraid to adapt or move in a new direction.

And don’t underestimate the value of “old-fashioned” solutions to augment these systems. While many facets of the real estate industry work best with the latest technology, there will always be vestiges of the past, especially when it comes to searching for properties.

Word of mouth is still going a long way, and we all now know that not MLS listings show every house on the market, and if you can find those homes that aren’t online, that automatically gives you one. cut Above the rest.

Accessing your network, working with local investors and other agents, and networking with buyers and sellers are all done the old-fashioned way. Depending on your local market, it’s up to you to determine which strategy is best for you. Don’t erase the old way of doing things even when you start to level up.

Practice compartmentalization of tasks

Everyone in the real estate industry wants to do it all – and we’re good at it. But if you’re moving fast or about to do so soon, breaking down everything you do on a day-to-day basis and identifying where you can automate and outsource is probably the right decision for your growing business.

“If you’re an individual show and think you can do all of this work, you’re going to burn yourself out,” Kusuma said. “Machines don’t get sick, but people do. The solo agent model is impossible.

From online projections to fully digital signatures and fences, the digital real estate transaction is so easy to compartmentalize and delegate.

Focus on what you do well and find people and systems that will support you and increase your skills. You are only successful as far as your mindset allows, and you only have 24 hours a day to harness that success and make your business work for you.

Victoria Kennedy is CEO of Atman Real Estate. Connect with her by email.

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