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Multi-million dollar commercial real estate developer and philanthropist signs with Sheba Media Group

Award-winning author and business developer

Multi-hyphenated real estate business developer, Sajdah Wendy Muhammad

Multi-hyphenated real estate business developer, Sajdah Wendy Muhammad

Wendy Mohammad

Wendy Mohammad

Sajdah Wendy Muhammad, a savvy entrepreneur, continues to dominate in multiple industries.

Wendy knows how to execute and isn’t afraid to put other people on the line or in front of checks.

— Aleatha Wilson Muhammad, Financial Advisor at Wilson Enterprises

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, April 27, 2022 / — Sajdah Wendy Muhammad’s project and development experience is valued at over $500 million. She is an industry disruptor, global thought leader, and serves as a business advisor to many start-up and mid-tier companies. Despite the severe economic conditions in the wake of the 2020 downturn, the multi-hyphenate continues to successfully navigate the business world. As an international entrepreneur and leveraged leader, she has strategically seized every opportunity to expand an impressive portfolio of commercial clients and real estate properties.

Focused and determined, she navigated the deluge of obstacles that marginalized her as a once-struggling realtor. Both consistent and persistent, she designs and executes a robust business model in all of her endeavours. Specialized in advice on hospital turnarounds, acquisitions and the development of business models in the healthcare sector. Among his most famous accomplishments is his work as the lead designer, developer, and partner of a $20 million micro-hospital and surgery center in the Washington, DC metro area. Also, her historic work as an urban historic preservation specialist where she leads the renovation and restoration of the former mansion of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a founding member of the Coalition of Black House Museums in Chicago.

Due to her business development and process improvement prowess, she has left an impactful footprint in several industries including healthcare, real estate, insurance, government, and more. The business consultant and crisis manager enjoys prestigious clients such as the Department of Treasury TARP Fund, American Water Works, AIG Insurance and more.

As a fierce luminary, the dedicated business professional is highly respected among her competitors, affiliates, peers and business partners, where she has been called a master performer.
“Wendy knows how to execute and isn’t shy about putting other people on the line or in front of checks.” Aleatha Wilson Muhammad, Financial Advisor at Wilson Enterprises.

“I worked with Wendy Muhammad. If I had to choose only one woman for a serious business partnership, it would be Wendy Muhammad. Why? Wendy possesses the 7 most important traits for an entrepreneur: visionary, aware, passionate, problem solver, driven, risk taker and responsible. She is bomb” Dr. George C. Fraser, Founder and CEO of FraserNet, Inc and the Power Networking Conference.
A magnanimous and intuitive business speaker, Wendy is known for her speeches that concatenate a wealth of proven strategies filled with cutting-edge best practices, and exploration of other viable resources that speak to the critical mission and core competencies of businesses for help grow their brand. , while avoiding landmines that would otherwise cause a ripple effect of self-sabotage in the path of their business objectives.

His strengths lie in his ability to understand the dualities of being a divergent and convergent thinker when needed and to apply his innate ability to tap into “blue sky thinking”. The fearlessness to make executive decisions while being open to the “thought shower” approach to achieving an endgame via the “drill down” outcome, makes her a valuable asset for board seats in d prominent and coveted administration she was hand-picked to occupy. Currently, the accomplished professional serves on the Advisory Board of Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers, a medical facility where her broad and exemplary knowledge base, negotiation skills and strategic planning have been instrumental in scaling, design and development of a new delivery model. health services to underserved communities.

She had a gigantic epiphany that gave birth to The Mind of an Entrepreneur®, a service brand that offers Mental Strategies to Navigate the Business World. She works with passion for her mission to help marginalized people around the world access tools and strategies that will help them become happier, healthier, wealthier, and experience more love. His award-winning entrepreneurial spirit® podcast, talks and webinars focus on mental strategies such as emotional intelligence, mindful entrepreneurship, psychology of money and more.

As a true agent of change and visionary, Ms. Muhammad’s meteoric rise to success is a quintessential American achievement. She exemplifies the strong qualities of a skillful leadership, mentor and role model whose loyalty to improving, not just her community, but the world as a whole is unequivocally beyond reproach.

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About Sajdah Wendy Muhammad: Sajdah Wendy Muhammad is a Master Real Estate and Business Developer, Urban Historic Preservation Specialist, Crisis Manager, Global Thought Leader, Industry Disruptor and Certified Intelligence Coach emotional. Her goal is to do business as a conscious entrepreneur who understands that the “bottom line” must include various stakeholders in addition to the bottom line.

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