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MARK: Local Real Estate Agency Launches Home Buying Mentorship Program

During the pandemic, house prices have skyrocketed and housing insecurity has increased. Onyx Realty Professionals helps people create a clearer path to homeownership.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Forbearance, foreclosure and loss of income – all of these are contributing to the image of property in the midst of the pandemic.

Cavelle Mollineaux is a broker / owner of Onyx Realty Professionals in Virginia Beach. The agency has just launched a mentoring program called the “Homeownership Roadmap” to tackle homebuyers’ reluctance and housing insecurity.

“The challenges, in and of itself, of having funds available to come to the table and everything … have changed because he has[s] have become much more competitive, “Mollineaux said.” Interest rates have been historically low, which makes affordability so much more important when it comes to purchasing power. “

Tiffany McGee is CEO of Survivor Ventures, which provides economic support and resources to survivors of human trafficking. The organization has partnered with the mentoring program, and they believe tips like this empower their clients.

“It turns out that homeownership is one avenue of least resistance when it comes to finding safe and affordable housing for people with barriers,” McGee said. “It’s actually easier for us, this path, than the rental path. So it made a lot of sense.”

With low supply and high demand, the pandemic housing market has become intimidating for potential buyers. Mollineaux hopes the mentoring program will take the process from scary to fulfilling.

“It might seem overwhelming to become a homeowner,” Mollineaux said, “but if you’re able to climb a ladder, in and of itself, and actually see what you need to do to get there, then we’ll walk you through it. path We will hold your hand.

The mentoring program lasts three months and combines an online program with in-person meetings. For more information, call Onyx Realty Professionals at 757-278-3945 or email

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