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Lois Lauer signs before the real estate agency becomes corporate | Story

The is a real estate brand of Lois Lauer taken before the Century 21 affiliate in 1998.

One of the items in the AK Smiley Public Library’s Heritage Room collection awaiting display after the Redlands Museum was renovated and opened is a Lois Lauer Realty sign, dating from the days leading up to the affiliation of the company to Century 21 in 1998.

Lauer, who died in 2013, moved to Redlands in 1946 after the war and worked in her husband James’ business until it was sold in 1963. She then began her career in real estate and worked for two others. companies before founding Lois Lauer Realty in 1976..

Lauer was named Real Estate Agent of the Year in 1998 and Woman of the Year at Redlands in 1999. The current Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty currently has offices in Redlands and Yucaipa, with 20 employees and over 125 licensed real estate agents. .

Family members working with the company are his daughter and son-in-law Ann and Vaughn Bryan and their daughter Kristin Pierce. The Redlands office is in the top 20 of the Century 21 system out of over 5,000 offices.

Library Heritage Room staff who collect and store artefacts entering the museum, encourage the people of Redland to research and keep current items that help tell the story of Redlands, like this sign.

For more information on donating historical artifacts related to the Redlands area, contact the AK Smiley Public Library Heritage Room at (909) 798-7632. The Museum of Redlands is leading a fundraising campaign for the renovation of its building at 700 Brookside Ave. For more information visit

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