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LogiPoint Wins 2022 Most Innovative Logistics Real Estate Company Award

Saudi Arabia’s LogiPoint, the Kingdom’s largest logistics real estate company, has been declared the winner of the “Most Innovative Logistics Real Estate Company” award at the 2022 Transport and Logistics ME (TLME) Awards held at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

The prestigious TLME Awards “aim to recognize past triumphs and recognize future strategies of logistics and supply chain companies across the region.”

The most innovative logistics real estate company is awarded for building “an integrated logistics infrastructure for the new economy and creating the backbone of 21st century commerce in the MENA region”. LogiPoint has established itself as a pioneer in the development of logistics and supply chain infrastructure in the Kingdom with investments that include Saudi Arabia’s first and largest bonded and re-export zone located in the interior of the Islamic port of Jeddah as well as parks and logistics areas in the Kingdom.

Responding to market changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, LogiPoint set up the Bonded Express facilities to meet the booming e-commerce and courier segments while commissioning a state-of-the-art warehousing cluster of AED68 million, which will be equipped to handle ambient and temperature-controlled cargo and will also include a specialized pharmaceutical area to meet the needs of a world in the throes of a pandemic. It is this willingness to constantly evolve and change in step with market needs that helps LogiPoint stay true to its ambition to be industry leaders and market pioneers.

Farooq Shaikh, CEO of LogiPoint, believes that the company’s mission remains to enable logistics and facilitate business and economic growth as this brings international investment to the Kingdom. “Our investments in the Kingdom’s logistics infrastructure have a multiplier effect when it comes to attracting international investment to the Saudi market, as our infrastructure eliminates waste, brings efficiency and ‘increase profitability for our customers.’

Speaking about winning the award, he adds, “Winning a prestigious industry award like the TLME Awards is always great news. On the one hand, it brings the honor of recognition within the industry and on the other hand, it also underlines our commitment to our customers, partners and markets to serve them with unparalleled solutions. LogiPoint’s trajectory aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and thus makes LogiPoint an indispensable pillar of the Kingdom’s logistics infrastructure.

LogiPoint leverages its multi-faceted logistics infrastructure to deliver an elaborate suite of premium Value Added Services (VAS) through its team of highly trained logistics professionals. The company acts as a specialized import and export hub for traders and manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, while global multinational giants use LogiPoint’s facilities as distribution areas and fulfillment centers to service the Kingdom. and the region. In this regard, LogiPoint’s custom-designed facilities, which are designed in conjunction with customers to meet their long-term needs and are built to LogiPoint’s high sustainability standards, have seen increasing demand.


About LogiPoint

LogiPoint is a Jeddah-based logistics real estate company dedicated to logistics and creating value for its customers by acting as a supply chain and logistics hub in the region. Launched in 1999 as the Kingdom’s first and largest bonded and re-export zone (BRZ) located in the Islamic port of Jeddah, the company has evolved into an operator of parks and logistics zones in the Kingdom.

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