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Local real estate agency partners with one-stop trading platform

August 26, 2021 – PropNex Realty, Singapore’s Largest Listed Real Estate Agency, Enters Exclusive Collaboration by Providing One-Stop Trading Platform in Collaboration with Tiger Brokers and SingCapital, as Part of Improving the Financial Literacy of our Sales Force and the community of PropNex friends and customers. This collaboration was launched at the virtual PropNex Mid-year Convention 2021 with over 3,000 attendees.


CEO Mr. Ismail Gafoor said, “This collaboration allows a larger group of vendors, PropNex staff customers and retail investors to be part of the growth as the company enters its fourth year of operation. listing on the main Singapore stock exchange. Our goal is to encourage greater financial literacy and prudence among our vendors, partners and customers alongside SingCapital and Tiger Brokers. Our vision is to become a more inclusive ecosystem by involving our stakeholders in growing our business and towards financial independence.

With a seamless and easy-to-use interface, the Tiger Brokers mobile app allows both novice and seasoned investors to customize their trading experience to suit their investment needs by leveraging its proprietary infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. As part of this collaboration, Tiger Brokers is offering the PropNex community a special promotion of up to $240 worth of PropNex stock vouchers, which will help kick-start the journey for new investors in owning some of the largest Singapore real estate agency.

To further enhance our community’s financial literacy, a series of webinars will be held with Singcapital – Singapore’s leading financial advisory firms dedicated to providing quality financial services and solutions to individuals and businesses, in conjunction with Tiger brokers. “SingCapital looks forward to the opportunity to empower the community with the investment knowledge to do the right investment planning that will work for them,” Mr. Alfred Chia, CEO of Singcapital

In addition to Mr. Ismail and Mr. Chia’s comments, Mr. Eng Thiam Choon, CEO of Tiger Brokers echoed Tiger Brokers’ desire to help improve the target group’s financial literacy through the trading platform. all-in-one multi-asset mobile from Tiger Brokers, Tiger Exchange. “Tiger Trade is designed to help users in managing their investments or simply to learn more about investing.” In this collaboration, Tiger Brokers has a three-pronged objective. Make users aware that investing is not complex and does not have to be an expensive affair. He also hopes to instill good financial planning through a connection with financial advisors, such as Singcapital and their expert financial advisors. Finally, introduce users to major Singapore-listed companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange as a proxy for US or Hong Kong markets, also available on the Tiger Brokers platform.

Founded in 2014, Tiger Brokers is one of the world’s leading online brokers. Tiger uses its next-generation technology to enable clients to trade a wide range of securities across multiple global markets, such as the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. Users can also access different products such as stocks, futures, exchange-traded options, and funds.


In addition, during the mid-year convention, PropNex presented a fake check for $500,000 to Mr. Chew Sutat, Vice President of Community Chest and Ms. Charmaine Leung, General Manager of Community Chest, in the presence of the Minister. of Labor and the second Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Tan See Leng.

“PropNex is committed to donating $5 million by 2023 to empower children with special needs, and to date we have donated a cumulative amount of $4.05 million. This year, our annual commitment of $500,000 to this important cause continues with funds raised to support the programs of designated social service agencies such as the Autism Resource Center (Singapore), AWWA Ltd, Life Community Services Society and SHINE Children and Youth Services,” said Mr. Ismail Gafoor, CEO of PropNex Realty

“Sustainability is fundamental to achieving our long-term vision of success. We integrate considerations for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into how we develop our business, train our employees and serve our communities. We will only thrive if our people are motivated, engaged and empowered to continuously improve and contribute to society,” concluded Mr. Ismail Gafoor.

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