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LeadJolt: Discover the smart option to market your real estate business

John Danes and Adam Artemis

Founded by John Danes and Adam Artemis, Leadjolt is quickly establishing itself as the number one option for estate agents across the country. While it can be difficult to stand out as a digital marketing company in a saturated industry, the professionalism, consistent results, and obsession with customer experience that LeadJolt delivers has pushed its way to the top.

John and Adam first founded Leadjolt in 2020. Both worked in a real estate agency and were responsible for helping licensed real estate agents. The job wasn’t as glamorous as it looks. Most of the work they and the agents around them did was to call an outdated list of contacts and hang up the phone to their ear. That’s when they decided to change. They went back to a skill they had learned in their previous jobFacebook Ads. “We had worked with Facebook Ads for other industries before and knew it worked, so we thought we’d give it a try.” Over the next few months, they began helping agents in the office find qualified leads without having to screen unqualified leads. That’s when they realized they could solve a major problem for many real estate agents. Burnout. “87% officers quit after five years and we want to help change that. They realized that a big part of it was a lack of up-to-date systems and processes for tracking down customers or, as it’s commonly known, lead generation.

Realizing the potential to help people and make a lot more money, they turned their full attention to their new business.Lead shot. Since their official launch in 2020, they have built a customer base of nearly 500 agents and brokers in the United States and quickly built a multi-figure business. While their experience in the real estate and digital marketing industries certainly helps, they attribute the main reason for their success to their commitment to exceeding their clients’ expectations. “The key to success is to focus on getting the best possible results for your clients…make your clients make more money than they pay you.” Although they offer a full range of services, their commercial offer can be summed up in two words: simplicity and exclusivity.

In an industry that can get complicated, Leadjolt offers their clients a simple, made-for-you strategy that leads to consistent results for their clients. The first stage of their services is what they call a “local authority campaign”. This campaign is strategically designed to help build authority in their area, which results in a steady stream of leads for the agent. This campaign is followed by their second stage of services – pipeline tracking and management. “We manage two-point support (email and SMS) and appointment scheduling for our clients so that they only speak to highly qualified prospects.” Although this approach seems simple, it has led to consistent results for all of their clients. Their second offering is to provide an exclusive service to each of their clients. When a client signs with Leadjolt, they are also signing an exclusive agreement. Leadjolt undertakes not to work with any other agent in the same locality. Simply put, they don’t sell the same leads to multiple clients. “We believe this is the best way to ensure results and honor our customers.”

The approach has certainly paid off. While their business is only a few years old, they have helped over five hundred clients scale their business and simplify their lead generation processes. When asked what their next moves were, they said they would like to expand the educational space to their agents. “We realized that a lot of agents, when they sign with a big brokerage brand, don’t get the training and education to really help them succeed. We would like to do our part. Although this is still in the early planning stages, you can expect it to be as innovative and efficient as the services they currently offer.

You can find out more about Leadjolt and its services by visiting their website. Their founders, John Danes and Adam Artemis can be followed on their Instagram page. Danish John and Adam Artemis.

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