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How Market Buy can streamline your real estate business

Whether you’re an agency manager or an employee, real estate agents have a lot in common with entrepreneurs, according to Market Buy chief digital strategist John Hellaby.

You are responsible for managing your time, your own marketing, securing listings, dealing with clients, all with the ultimate goal of selling homes.

And like many business owners, many real estate agents find themselves working on low value, albeit essential, tasks.

For agents, this can mean filling out paperwork or sending contracts back and forth, which is certainly necessary, but also repetitive, time consuming and seemingly endless.

Market Buy Chief Digital Strategist John Hellaby said he has the solution, providing an online deal management platform that aims to facilitate private property sales, save agents time and streamline their operations. business processes.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned in business is that if my hourly rate is $ 100 an hour, I shouldn’t be doing a $ 20 an hour task,” Hellaby said.

“It’s not a $ 100 an hour task to send an email that can be automated or manage a contract. “

By allowing buyers to submit offers that sellers can view in real time, Market Buy streamlines the negotiation process for agents, making it more transparent to everyone involved.

“Rather than filling out paperwork for each buyer, you can allow them to fight,” Mr. Hellaby said.

“Add the fact that agents have traditionally managed contracts, crossing out a number every time there is a change – it’s time, fuel and energy. “

In a post-COVID world, contracts are managed through other methods, but there are still a lot of issues, not to mention the angst experienced by buyers and sellers, pending progress updates. .

“Technology well used is much more efficient,” said Mr. Hellaby.

“It’s also more profitable. Not only because the job is done faster, but also because you don’t have to do manual grinding tasks.

As part of the traditional negotiation process, if an agent receives 10 offers, then they will need to keep 10 people updated on the status of their offer.

“This means agents can spend more time on productive dollar activities, such as prospecting, marketing and generating more business,” Mr. Hellaby said.

Streamlining this element of your business also means that you won’t have to worry about disgruntled buyers and sellers if you fail to meet their communication expectations.

“Effective communication often becomes a lower priority because there are so many other things to deal with,” said Mr. Hellaby.

“The very structure of the industry in which we operate means that things can be forgotten and fall through the cracks.

“For the vast majority of people, if they are kept informed, kept informed and feel engaged in a process, even if the sales process does not go their way, they will probably be more understanding, because they know. why it ended up like this.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of streamlining your business is simply this: more sales, more success.

“If you can handle five sales now, there’s nothing stopping you from managing 10 with Market Buy,” Hellaby said.

“It’s basically a new, easier and more efficient way of negotiating. We are not removing negotiation, but rather changing the conversation and the environment in which the conversation takes place.

“If the agent is a brilliant marketer, then Market Buy allows them to change the environment around trading, so that they start from a stronger position. “

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