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Housing crisis prompts latest expansion of property company

Property firm HSPG has opened a new office in Leeds, its third across the country.

He says this reflects the growing demand for affordable and social housing in Yorkshire and the North of England.

HSPG’s workforce has doubled in the past two years and the company opened an office in London’s Soho in April 2021.

The company says its expansion aims to address a historic north-south disparity in housing construction and supply over the past three decades.

He notes that over the past 30 years almost 23% of all affordable housing delivered in England has been in the South East, leaving many northern areas lagging behind. As a result, over 23,000 people are on waiting lists for social housing provided by Leeds City Council.

Guy Horne, CEO and Co-Founder of HSPG, said: “The Leeds office is a very exciting and necessary development in HSPG’s journey and reflects our strong growth over the past two years.

“It is no coincidence that Leeds was chosen, the demand for affordable and supported accommodation in the North East is huge and the epidemic of homelessness is intensifying.”

Tom Finch, Head of Asset Management for the company, added: “Our new office in Leeds comes at a dynamic time for HSPG as we aim to expand our housing portfolio in the North.

“There are over 400 homeless people in Leeds and another 23,000 are waiting for social housing from Leeds City Council.

“We hope that the opening of this office will allow us to solve these problems and provide safe and quality housing for vulnerable people in the region.”

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