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Harrison Humphries real estate agency has changed its name and opened a new office in Hobart | Examiner

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Some people say a change is as good as a vacation – and that it can be a vacation the Harrison Agents team needs, due to a recent rebranding and business expansion. . Formerly Harrison Humphries, the real estate business started in Launceston in 1984 – and 37 years later, it’s enjoying a refresh. Now Harrison Agents, Director Tom Harrison, said the change was meant to align with the agency’s staff and current values. “It was a long time coming,” he said. “The company has had a pretty similar brand since 1984, and it started to become less a reflection of the team that we have here, so that was the main catalyst behind that, to create something that was a reflection of the team that we have here. ‘team. “We” We have different values ​​now, we are much more innovative and we needed a brand that reflects that but which retains the traditional values ​​that we had in the past. ” The new name and new look is just part of what Mr. Harrison is trying to do. “A lot of systems and processes stay the same, but what we are now trying to ensure is that the team is always looking to streamline processes and look at new systems, new innovations and stay on top of things. real estate technology, ”he said. IN OTHER NEWS: Chief Marketing Officer Saan Bramich said these changes included a shift from server-based to cloud-based technology, with an office renovation also underway. “Everyone is very mobile, which is what you need today and age, we even have staff working from Queen sland,” she said. “I think at the same time, adding to that we’re moving towards an open floor plan for staff, adding to that collaborative environment that didn’t exist before. “” We’re focused on delivering this technology, this workplace and of that flexibility so that our team can focus on making the best of themselves under our brand, “added Harrison. With the new look comes a new location – the company also spans the Hobart market, attracting established agents to the brand. “I was looking to grow – standing still just isn’t right for me,” Mr Harrison said. “The opportunity was there and I wanted to seize it, which boils down to to my internal feelings, the feeling that we have this company in a very good position here, and as the opportunity presented itself for this next step, I wanted to seize it. “We have great networks there, and we had the opportunity to hire some great people there whose values ​​we felt matched our business here, so it felt like a logical progression, a new challenge. . program for Harrison Agents is branching out into project development, working with local developer S Group to market off-plan properties. Facebook has banned news from its platform. You can read our response here. Our reporters are working hard to provide local information, until -date the news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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