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Real estate software is essential for any real estate agent today. One of the most effective platforms we’ve come across in quite some time is PropStream. Billed as an all-in-one real estate tool, PropStream has something for the entire real estate industry, with tools for real estate agents, brokers, and even investors. With a focus on automation with time-saving features, PropStream is a robust platform that can be used quite effectively as a full-featured real estate CRM.

One of PropStream’s strengths is its generous feature set. One of the main features of this real estate technology platform is its ability to generate and display targeted property listings. The platform uses multiple MLS data feeds that you can sort and organize with countless filters, allowing you to create search criteria for a number of property types including pre-foreclosures, involuntary liens, expired listings and many other categories. Such a constantly updated list can provide you with at-a-glance information about your chosen demographics.

Another feature that goes hand-in-hand with this ability to create targeted property listings is how PropStream makes it easy to track leads and customers with strategic and automated tools. The platform allows you to easily personalize and send emails to leads, prospects and even former clients, set an interval schedule to ensure you don’t lose touch with them and ultimately account, helping you build relationships that lead to better home sales numbers.

PropStream does even more when it comes to making the job of a real estate professional easier. The platform has an Instant Comps capability that helps agents determine overall property values ​​as quickly as possible by quickly and accurately cross-referencing multiple MLS data and county records, generating a comprehensive list of similar homes in your area. target and their mean values.

The Instant Comps feature also offers great flexibility, making it easy to filter results by a number of factors. These include things like square footage, number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms, distance to a specific property, and date of last sale. You can also easily remove any properties that are obvious outliers to update your data and recalculate your results in an instant.

We’ve covered some of the marketing tools that PropStream offers as a real estate CRM, but there’s plenty more to consider as well. The range is wide and goes beyond the ability to schedule and send automated emails. These tools include the ability to find owner information, create custom landing pages, create in-browser online ads, send personalized postcards to prospects, and even send voicemail messages without ringing. .

All of these tools are excellent vectors for targeting new prospects in a unique and customizable way that will allow you to stand out positively with your prospects. All of this helps you build cohesive approaches that result in better overall performance for your real estate business in a way that would be much harder to do without the automation and organization that this real estate CRM gives you.

It’s rare for a real estate professional to be confined to their desk today. A big part of the job has always been moving from one property to another, and it’s always been difficult to find tools that allow real estate professionals to do their jobs efficiently when they’re away from their office. . Fortunately, PropStream has solved this problem by developing a mobile application that can be used to continue accessing the many features it offers you wherever you are.

The PropStream mobile app does more than just give you access to features you wouldn’t otherwise have when you’re in the field. It also has features tailor-made for busy real estate professionals on the go, such as trip logs that ensure you’re not trampling the same territory while prospecting areas and filters that work with the built-in GPS of your mobile device. This is a new approach that will hopefully become more common in the future – any good real estate CRM should have similar mobile capabilities.

So what will all these features cost you? Believe it or not, the cost of accessing this full suite of tools may be cheaper than you think. Working on a monthly subscription model, PropStream offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers to evaluate the service; after that, the basic service cost is $99 per month. This allows users to access PropStream’s online and mobile application, its national property data and lead filters, county records and MLS comps, and its marketing platform. integrated.

In addition to these basic features, PropStream also offers optional add-ons such as its List Automator service, which provides access to services such as daily list monitoring of up to 2,000 properties, import and download capabilities. list addition and jump search services at just $0.10. per property, starting at $27 more per month. For larger agencies, there is also a Team Member service package that starts at just $20 per month, which includes full access to PropStream for up to 5 team members per account and allows access level management and permissions.

When it comes to real estate technology platforms, PropStream has a lot to recommend to real estate professionals of all persuasions. Its scalable pricing system allows users to choose their level of investment in the platform, making it an effective option for all agents looking to control costs. However, be aware that certain marketing tools, such as sending emails and postcards, are not covered by these subscription fees and will require additional charges; emails cost $0.02 per email sent, for example.

Yet, even taking these additional costs into account, PropStream is still a solid choice for any real estate professional looking for a solid real estate CRM to help them engage with prospects and serve clients more effectively.

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