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As a real estate agent, you have several important tools in your arsenal. But there’s one in particular you should focus on: reviews. Most real estate agents generate their business from someone they have worked with before or by researching local agents online.

Having your positive online reviews sets you up as a contender for online home seekers business. And knowing which of your customers were happy enough with your service to recommend you to family and friends means you can have a plan in place to connect with those people in the future.

Where to store reviews

You can store your reviews in many places such as social media, your website or even your email signature. You want your reviews to be prominently displayed so that anyone who sees you knows you’re the right agent for them. You also want to show off your proven success.

Some past customers will take the initiative to leave a positive review on their favorite site. However, this will not be the case for everyone. Sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands to generate reviews.

Make a plan

Before requesting reviews, you need to decide where you want them to appear and how you want to use them. It’s a good idea to have a list of where you want reviews to appear so people have more opportunities to see your reviews. Make sure you don’t have too many locations to find your reviews to avoid an instance where you can’t monitor all of the reviews.

Some popular places where you can ask people to submit reviews of your business are, Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. You might consider using an updatable URL, such as, which you can use to redirect your incoming reviewers over time. This way, you can easily switch between review sites without having to update the marketing materials on which you include a review request.

lay the groundwork

The closing table isn’t always the right place to conjure up testimonials, but asking ahead is often the leap and waiting too long after the close can result in indifferent or unbiased criticism. When asking for reviews, make sure it’s not the first time your customer hears about your reviews by incorporating existing ones into the buying or selling process. Include them on any marketing or educational materials you share with your customers throughout the process. This will not only give your client more confidence, but when you ask them for public feedback on your performance, they will have already seen your strongest testimonials and will be more likely to write a stronger testimonial as a result. After all, the biggest hurdle a reviewer has to overcome is often knowing what to say.

Ask for reviews

Your individual sales process and your relationship with your customer will be a big factor in determining when you should request a review. The particular circumstances will also come into play. If your client is starting to rave about how much they enjoy working with you, go ahead and ask for the testimonial. If not, plan to ask them within the first few days of closing their deal so that their experience is fresh in their minds. If you collect testimonials from a number of review sites and locations, you can ask them to leave a review on more than one. Providing them with a list of sites to choose from if they’re willing to leave a review gives them the ability to leave you lots of positive reviews without seeming pushy.

If you’re not sure if someone you’ve worked with is actually happy with your service, you should always ask them to leave a review, but submit it to your website or a review form you created. and controlled. That way, if the review is negative, you still see their comments and can address them privately. Don’t let the possibility of negative reviews keep you from building your testimonial library. There are steps you can take to deal with negative reviews, which actually make you look better than if you only had positive reviews.

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