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Find out which CRM tools can help you grow your real estate business in Agent Publishing’s new special report

Wondering how customer relationship management (CRM) tools are evolving to meet today’s challenges? Agent Publishing interviewed readers of their magazines in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and Miami about the tools they use for relationship management. The report also collected readers’ opinions on CRM tools in the market, dividing respondents into three categories: brokers, team leaders and management brokers.

Agent Publishing also looked at the issue from the other side of the coin. The report analyzed various CRMs to understand which ones offer the best features for brokerage needs. He also collected prices and subscriptions, various prioritized integrations for real estate professionals and interviews with CRM managers to get a glimpse of upcoming CRM advancements.

As a tool for managing and building a client base, CRMs traditionally provide a centralized location where real estate companies can store client data and compile marketing information and property listings. Only 7% of respondents told Agent Publishing that they don’t use some version of a CRM.

While CRMs have been an essential tool in real estate for many years, CRM companies are adapting to changes in real estate sales techniques. Sphere Marketing, a strategy focused on selling to people with whom a broker has a relationship or to people who are in the agent’s realm, has grown in popularity so much that many CRM companies are now serving the needs of clients. agents in this regard, according to York. Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks.

“The real estate CRM industry is waking up to understand what we have known for five years: Sphere marketing is the medium to have the greatest impact,” Baur said in the report.

Providing brokers with a CRM that can capitalize on personal relationships is at the heart of CRM provider PipeDrive, according to the company’s global inside sales manager, Raul Perdigao.

“In real estate, the broker guides the buyer and the seller like a friend, a confidant, a pseudo-psychiatrist and an anchor. A CRM should be the super administrator assisting the process, ”he said in the report.

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