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You may have had to get creative exploring different options for hosting open houses lately. You’ve probably already started working with tools like Zoom or Facebook Live, but you might not have tried another free tool: Facebook Events.

With Facebook Events, you have the opportunity to connect with your audience on Facebook and let them know what you’re up to. Keep in mind that this tool can generate a lot of visibility opportunities for your open house or even for your next buyer.

What is a Facebook event?

A Facebook event is like a scheduled calendar event, but on Facebook. You can create events for your open days and much more. When you have a Facebook event, you can directly invite your Facebook friends and followers to your event to gain visibility.

When people RSVP to your event, they will automatically receive Facebook notifications when something is posted in the event, when the event starts, and if there are any changes to the event.

How to create a Facebook event?

Creating a Facebook event is simple and free. Check out the quick list to create an event below:

1. Start in your main Facebook News Feed and click Events. When you click on events it will take you to the events page and from there you will see all the events you have responded to and some events that are suggested to you.

2. Once on the Events page, click on Create a new event. Once you click on it, you will choose to create a public or private event. A private Facebook event will only be shown to your Facebook friends and followers, while a public event is open to anyone on Facebook who comes across the event.

3. After selecting the event type, fill in some details such as event name, location, date, time, and description.

4. If you have created a public event, you will have the possibility to add some keywords to the event so that it is found. For example, you could say “virtual open house” or “open house”.

5. Once all this information has been entered, you will click on to create. This will create the Facebook event and redirect you to invite your friends and followers.

You have created your event; And after?

After creating your event and inviting friends and followers, you can create a promotional video for your event and add photos or any other marketing you want to create for your event.

On your event page, your subscribers and potential attendees can ask questions about the event. Take this opportunity to answer these questions and to keep your followers up to date.

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you can also take your event to the next level by creating a Facebook ad. If you want to learn how to create a Facebook ad for your event, click here.

When it comes to Facebook Events, you have endless possibilities to grow your business. You can market an open house, virtual or otherwise, directly to your friends and followers. However, if social media management isn’t really your thing, check out Social Fuel.

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