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Coastal Real Estate Company with Nearly 1.75% Yield Added to Our List of Best Dividend Catching Stocks

Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they don’t make it anymore. Turns out the comedian was right about the money. Real estate has been one of the best performing asset classes of all time. Best of all, when this property is located in high growth areas, there is simply no room left. And that’s exactly what our latest pick from the list of best dividend-catching stocks does best.

Our last selection is a property investment fund (REIT) focused on six key coastal areas. The fast-growing, wealthy, and stable cities of Los Angeles, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Miami, and Washington, DC, are more built than ever. And yet people and businesses continue to move there, which means that demand continues to increase. This translates into higher real estate values ​​and higher rents for property owners, including our last choice. Like a REIT, higher rents translate directly into stable and increasing cash flows / dividends for shareholders.

This makes our choice perfect for a dividend capture strategy, which is to buy a stock before its ex-dividend date and then sell it after collecting the payout. With an ex-dividend date of December 14, 2021, our choice is ready for the strategy.

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