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Clear’s digital health pass adopted by a leading U.S. commercial property management company

America’s largest provider of managed security for commercial real estate and tenants and a leader in real estate technology, Castle Systems, has partnered with Clear to integrate its biometric secure health passport into building management to help employers and facility managers stay in compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

Clear’s Health Pass, available throughout the Clear Identity app, has been adopted by a growing number of hospital sites and networks, and integrated with the Apple Health app.

Teaming up with Kastle will allow the property management company to integrate access control on its sites. Office staff would be required to download the Clear digital ID app and fill in their COVID status, such as a vaccination record or negative test result.

Employers or managers of buildings or suites will be able to apply and constantly update their entry requirements. Restrictions may also be applied to visitors and building suppliers via the digital health pass.

“Kastle Systems and Clear provide an important technology solution for businesses looking for a simple and efficient way to administer and enforce office health and safety policies with minimal administrative overhead,” comments Mark Ein, President by Kastle Systems.

“Beyond this immediate use case, we’re excited to partner with Clear to create new and transparent ways to access designated spaces safely and securely for anyone who comes into a building, including visitors, suppliers and employees. “

Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of Clear, comments: “Together with Kastle, we are providing businesses with a turnkey, privacy-centric solution to return to the office with greater peace of mind. “

Clear has also just acquired the Argentinian provider of virtual queues and appointments Whyline to reduce passenger waiting times at airports.

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