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Canadian real estate company slammed by ransomware attack

“I can confirm that at the end of September we learned that Ronmor had been the victim of a ransomware attack on our systems and the company network,” Ronmor Holdings CEO Dallas Wingerak said in a statement by e -mail. “We immediately launched a full investigation into this data breach and retained a group of highly experienced third-party cybersecurity experts to support our efforts. “

IT World Canada reported that Ronmor’s confirmation of a malware attack came after the ransomware gang REvil posted a notice on its data breach site last month, claiming the group had downloaded 755 GB from Ronmor servers.

“While this investigation is still in its early stages, it currently appears that some private and confidential company data has been compromised in this attack,” Wingerak said in his statement.

“We sincerely apologize for the stress, anxiety and inconvenience this has caused to employees, tenants, partners and other stakeholders. We worked tirelessly to determine what happened, contain the impact, and determine exactly what data may have been stolen. “

The CEO added that as Ronmor’s investigation continues, he plans to individually contact tenants, partners and vendors whose data may have been compromised due to the ransomware breach incident. . Wingerak also commented that while ransomware can be troublesome for any affected business, Ronmor’s business is “stronger than ever.”

Wingerak did not explain how the ransomware attack began, nor did she clarify whether the data copied by the threat actors included personally identifiable information, IT World Canada said. The general manager also did not say whether the REvil gang had been contacted, or whether a ransom had been paid.

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