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Buildzone Housing Solutions: a technology-driven real estate company

The Nigerian property sector is currently plagued by a number of problems including building collapses and lack of building upgrades. Study shows there have been at least 152 building collapses in Lagos since 2005. Other issues include environmental insecurity, failure to follow government regulations, substandard materials and unprofessional construction practices .

We have seen many real estate companies, but this one stands out. Buildzone Housing Solutions is a reputable real estate company in Lagos State, Nigeria. The company is committed to transforming the housing and real estate experience in Nigeria with innovation, integrity and a customer-centric focus.

Buildzone Housing Solutions specializes in land and property sales, residential and commercial rentals, building construction and real estate development. Its excellence depends on trust with clients and academic and administrative expertise. The company infuses green and technological measures into building construction, facility management and guest relations to provide guests with the best housing experience.

In recounting how Buildzone Housing Solutions was born, Executive Director Collins Osayi said categorically: class structures. I saw how families smiled because a house turned into a house – something fascinating! I also observed how people faced real estate problems that demoralized them physically and mentally. All of this has inspired me not only to start a business in the field of commodity construction, but also to fill the visible void in the Nigerian housing sector…”

Addressing the recurring slump issues in the Nigerian property sector, he further stated that, “Buildzone Housing Solutions is poised to modernize housing structures in Nigeria by integrating technology into designs and structures. We will create innovations to help unite technology and real estate. The issue of building collapse is also related to the use of non-professionals in the building and construction industries. It’s far from us because we have the best expertise to run world-class technology-driven structures.

Since its inception in 2018, Buildzone Housing Solutions has supported the completion of over 2000 structures in Benin, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Delta and Abuja; 5+ years of construction and management; and 28 projects across the country, with customer satisfaction and excellence as their primary focus.

The company prioritizes integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction and excellence as core values. In today’s real estate world, one can agree that it is proving difficult to find a housing company that demonstrates integrity and expertise in actions.

In Nigeria, the property market has yet to optimally integrate technological innovations into its ecosystem from development, construction, facility management, operations, marketing and sales. Fortunately, Buildzone Housing Solutions not only implements technology strategies, but also intends to dominate the real estate market with it.

Kelechi Mgbemena, CEO of Buildzone Housing Solutions and expert in business management, provided additional information. She said: “We set out a 5-year roadmap that would see us transition into a real estate technology company, enabling landlords and real estate players. At BHS, we use technology to plan, build and solve real estate problems by preventing them first.

Buildzone Housing Solutions is redefining the standard of living in Nigeria by embracing technology and innovative solutions to deliver premier housing solutions.

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