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Best Real Estate Company – Orange County Register

1. Compass

Several locations;

Founded in New York City in 2012, Compass has grown rapidly with a business model that emphasizes using technology to make the home buying and selling processes easier and more affordable.

The approach obviously works: in less than a decade, Compass has grown to become the largest independent real estate brokerage in the country, with more than 18,000 agents in more than 165 US cities. Orange County is a key market for Compass, a company spokesperson said.

“Compass provides the opportunity to collaborate with a high performing network of leading agents nationwide, while recognizing that the heart of real estate in Orange County will always be community driven,” said the spokesperson.

Its market presence is evident: Compass real estate signs dot the landscape in more than two dozen specific areas in Orange County. There are between hundreds and a few thousand homes on offer at any one time by Compass real estate agents.

Compass Concierge is one of the company’s most popular programs and exclusive to its agents, the spokesperson said. It makes it easy for sellers to prepare their homes for marketing by covering the cost of home improvement services such as staging, painting, etc.

According to the spokesperson, “This allows agents to help their client sell their home faster and for more money.”

Compass also offers sellers the choice of exclusive private listings, keeping their home away from public real estate sites while tapping into Compass’s extensive network of agents and buyers.

2. Times Real Estate California

2901 W. Coast Highway, # 200, Newport Beach; 949-335-7437;

As George Charles Hanold V, CEO and Co-Founder of Times Real Estate California, said, “The (real estate) market has gone parabolic and there is a sense of hopelessness on the part of the pool of buyers.”

He adds that his company knows “how to help our buyers navigate these rough seas and how to help our sellers capitalize better.”

“We are bringing more value to our customers than ever before,” said Hanold.

The janitorial service, in which Times Real Estate designs, designs and implements a renovation before a home goes up for sale, helps “capture the highest level of hidden equity with the most efficient investment” , according to Hanold.

“All the profits we create go straight to our seller’s pocket, minus the cost of renovations. We just got a 10x return on investment for a seller.

Other programs include the Zero Loss Guarantee, an exchange program to help potential buyers who must first sell their home, and Sell 360, in which the brokerage buys a home, renovates it and returns it, with a incentive to profit sharing.

3. First Real Estate team

Several locations;

If First Team Real Estate sounds familiar to you, it’s no surprise. It has been # 1 in total unit sales in Southern California for 19 years and has been on the market since 1976.

During that time, more than 250,000 home buyers and sellers turned to the region’s largest private family business. It has a total of 16 offices in Orange County, including a head office and another satellite office in Irvine, as well as two offices in each of the other three cities: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point.

First Team Real Estate now offers monthly local market reports on their website, which provide unique and up-to-date data information. This includes city-by-city information on the number of units for sale and sold, active days in the market, and median selling prices.

Among its programs is the First Impressions Concierge service. Potential sellers who might delay getting their home to market due to its condition can get First Team’s help and expertise on home improvement or repair projects at no upfront cost.

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