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Austin: Dallas developer offers 294-unit mid-rise apartment complex

Feature photo: Aerial view of the proposed site West William Cannon Drive in the southern part of the city. Image: Google/VBX graph

Posted: 12-13-2021

by Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County) –A Dallas real estate company is awaiting a hearing on a rezoning application for a 294-unit mid-rise apartment complex.

The Zoning and Platting Commission was due to look into the matter last week, but it meeting was canceled for lack of quorum and will be postponed to a next committee meeting at a later date.

Department of Developmental Services staff recommended approval of the requested conversion from Limited Office (LO) zoning to Multifamily (MF-4) zoning for the 8.9-acre property.

However, the neighboring owners are against it.

The site is undeveloped and is located at 3101 West William Cannon Drive in the southern part of the city.

Capital of Calm Waters proposes to develop the project under the working title, Housing West William Cannon.

Based in Dallas O’Brien Architects released a site plan that showed a five-story building, 25% waterproof coverage, 465 parking spaces, an average of 831 square feet per unit, and a yard.

The proposed development would be located on the eastern portion of the property with vehicular access leading to West William Cannon Drive.

Michael J. Shellan with the local law firm Armbrust & Brown, LLC represent the project to the committee.

Jimmy R. Seal with the Jubilee Christian Center is the current owner.

VBX Project ID: 2021-8661

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