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AT&T Works With Real Estate Company On 5G Smart City In Virginia

AT&T and real estate developer JBG Smith have announced a letter of intent to create a large-scale 5G smart city in National Landing, a community at the intersection of three neighborhoods in northern Virginia.

AT&T and JBG Smith said the first “network infrastructure deployments” will be implemented in early 2022.

Significant investments have been made in National Landing in recent years in an attempt to revitalize the region, with Amazon announcing a move to the region in 2018. JBG Smith is working with Amazon on the project, helping the company build a 4, 8 million square feet. The real estate company is also helping Virginia Tech with a billion dollar innovation campus.

In a statement, AT&T said 5G could make National Landing “a prototype for the smart cities of the future.” Like other 5G smart cities popping up across the country, National Landing’s use of 5G will incorporate self-driving vehicles, “immersive retail and entertainment”, as well as automation and sustainability.

Mo Katibeh, who heads AT & T’s infrastructure and network construction, said the development of 5G, AI, cloud and advanced technologies “help usher in the next level of how technology can improve lives.”

“Together with JBG SMITH, we intend to build a true smart city from the ground up that will enable future innovators to use AT & T’s network to unlock new capabilities through enterprise-wide edge solutions. the city that can serve specific business locations and daily users at home or on the go, ”Katibeh said.

“This includes the activation of immersive virtual and augmented reality and the massive IoT connections that will become the hallmark of National Landing as the most connected city in the country. ”

JBG Smith currently controls approximately 6.8 million square feet of existing office space and 2,856 residential units. A further 808 units are currently under construction and over 7 million square feet of additional commercial, multi-family and retail development opportunities are planned for the neighborhood.

Matt Kelly, CEO of JBG Smith, said the goal of this collaboration with AT&T is to further improve National Landing and create a neighborhood that provides entrepreneurs, universities and global tech companies with the kind of digital infrastructure they need. to shape the future of certain industries. .

“We want to equip innovators with the basic equipment to revolutionize the way they work, giving them an edge over their competitors and the confidence to choose National Landing as a home to imagine and innovate locally – and evolve globally,” said Kelly said.

The companies explained that a “combination of mmWave and sub6 5G spectrum will be made possible by an interconnected series of building side racks, street furniture and underground network infrastructure.” The area is already slated to serve as a testing ground for a list of defense, cybersecurity, cloud / edge computing, Internet of Things, and AI tools.

The development even has the backing of US Senator Mark Warner, who said he was “delighted to see this collaboration of major private sector organizations to promote the deployment of 5G.”

“US competitiveness in the deployment of 5G networks – and innovation in emerging technologies that 5G unlocks – remain key to our national and economic security interest. As a proud Virginian, I am delighted to see National Landing become our first 5G community – and I look forward to a wider deployment across the Commonwealth, ”said Warner.

“This collaboration can be a model for how digital infrastructure is deployed, and I am encouraged by the innovation opportunities this can unlock to advance our country’s competitiveness globally.”

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