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Akshaya Pvt Ltd Recognized As 2021 Real Estate Company of the Year | AFN News

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Akshaya Pvt Ltd recognized as 2021 Real Estate Company of the Year

Posted on November 30, 2021

New Delhi : The leading real estate developer, Akshaya Pvt Ltd, highly regarded for its quality, innovation, transparency and ethical business practices, was recognized as “Real estate company of the year 2021 ”in the 11th edition of the Construction Week India Awards held in Mumbai. The criteria Akshaya fulfilled to obtain this prestigious award included quality of construction, aesthetics, delivery, sustainable construction techniques and a smart master plan.

Akshaya has recently launched innovative projects such as Disney inspired homes, IKEA furnished residences, WBHK homes with an exclusive workroom and Twin D – the first hygienic Indian homes focused exclusively on health and wellness. well-being of residents.

Commenting on the achievement, MT Chitty Babu, Chairman and CEO of Akshaya Pvt Ltd, said, “We are a constantly innovating company and I am delighted to see the brand recognized nationally for touching people’s lives with our quality, innovation, transparency and ethical business practices. I want to thank our employees, clients, landowner architects, contractors, lenders, bankers, vendors, agencies and all the other stakeholders who are the backbone of the business and have helped us reach where we are today .

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