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A real estate agency explains why Palm Springs is a great option for families

Palm Springs, California –

Palm Springs Area Real Estate by Geoffrey Moore, a real estate agency based in Palm Springs, CA, wants to highlight why Palm Springs is a great place for families.

A key advantage of the area is the weather as there is plenty of sunshine and few rainy days and temperatures are in the mid 80s during the winter which means plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities which can be exciting for all ages and stages. including hiking in Indian Canyons, interacting with animals at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and adventures in natural wonders like the San Andreas Fault.

People can also travel to Joshua Tree National Park, ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and more. For kids of all ages, they can head to the Eldorado Polo Club, Palm Springs Air Museum, and more. And for those planning to live in Palm Springs, there are many Luxury homes in Palm Springs and other California home styles to choose from.

In fact, Palm Springs is one of the best places to raise a family in the Palm Springs area, according to It is a suburb with 47,897 inhabitants. It is located in Riverside County and provides residents with a sort of dense suburban feel. Most Palm Springs residents own their homes, and there are many parks, cafes, and restaurants in the area. Public schools in this suburb are above average and many retirees live there. Palm Springs has a rating of A for ethnic and economic diversity and B- for employment rates, cost of living, and job and business growth. The median home value is $389,800 and the median rent is $1,114.

Meanwhile, Palm Springs Area Real Estate offers a number of common mexican style architecture designs to consider for those considering buying a home in Palm Springs. These Mexican-style homes are valued for providing aesthetic and visual representations of contemporary Mexican urban styles, a legacy of colonial architecture, and showcasing the pre-colonial essence of adobe-style homes. Examples of Mexican style homes available include the 5 bedroom home in Juarez Avenue, Palm Springs, CA with 5 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, and 8,000 square feet and the 4 bedroom home at W Via Lola, Palm Springs, CA, with 5 full bathrooms and 4,581 square feet.

Palm Springs Area Real Estate offers home buyers a way to find the best California-style homes in the area. These homes are unique in the way they were designed and they can be very expensive, although there are some great deals out there if you know where to look. California style homes are usually made with some sort of Art Deco exterior appearance. There are several variations of the California style home, but what’s consistent with all of them is that they tend to have a very open look, which is understandable given the nice weather outside. These houses usually have verandas and can also have large courtyards which give them an almost Mediterranean style.

Geoffrey Moore is a Five Star Palm Springs® Realtor and hails from Palo Alto, California. After trying several careers, including as a professional ballet dancer, corporate marketing, and photography, he decided to change careers permanently and focus on real estate. He finally realized that being a real estate agent was the right career for him. After obtaining the necessary training, certifications and accreditations, he began his career in real estate where he helped people find the properties that best suited them. And it offers the service at no cost to the buyer since the costs are paid by the seller. Being an expert in the area and with his negotiating skills, Geoffrey Moore is able to secure the best possible deal for the buyer.

Those who would be interested in how to find the best california style homes and more can check out the Palm Springs Area Real Estate website, or contact them by phone or email.


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