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It’s fall, and in addition to the cool temperatures and pumpkin spice, this time of year is when the major US sports leagues are all in session. The NBA and NHL are just getting started, the NFL is in midseason form, and the MLB and MLS are finishing their playoffs. Whether you are a casual fan, fanatic follower, or new to the sport, the authenticity and passion inspired by the sport provides a great opportunity to expand your brand and reach new potential customers. While there are certainly some pitfalls to be avoided as well – no one wants to chase away the advances by supporting the wrong team at the wrong time – the world of sports is certainly a breeding ground for many great interactions.

Here are three ways you can leverage sports for your business:

Join or start a Fantasy Sports League

While it can be intimidating for some of the less athletic, considering all the stats that fuel fantastic games, but depending on the league, even the most casual fan can blend in and enjoy being involved. While many states are considering legalizing certain types of sports betting, the fantasy is likely to grow in the near future. Many leagues are organized locally and have regular viewing nights at local bars or restaurants, and participants interact widely through forums or social media groups, leaving plenty of time to make connections.

Look for local sports ‘heroes’

Most communities have a baseball player who has made it to the major leagues, a football player who has joined a big club, a record-holding state champion or a pioneer coach. Finding out who these people are can open up a myriad of opportunities for a real estate business. Maybe that person would be willing to offer an endorsement or participate in some other type of marketing. At the very least, you can use social media or other means to highlight that person’s accomplishments, history, or ongoing career to add local authenticity to your brand.

Create a sports poll, challenge or prediction

Along with the always popular Super Bowl celebrations, there are almost always some exciting sporting events or trends that will grab the attention of people in your community. If a local team is having a big game, you can use social media to ask your followers to show their support through selfies, lawn decorations, or other means. Kick off a season by throwing in a small giveaway for correct prediction for games or leagues, something that can be maintained for months. A challenge, possibly involving two rival leagues, schools or teams, could also get a lot of attention. This challenge can range from fundraising for a charity to trickshots or dances posted on social media.

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