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A Houston-based real estate company has announced that it will develop a rail-serviced distribution building for the RCR Taylor Logistics Park.


Featured Photo: City leaders, as well as officials from Partners Real Estate Company, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the project in May. Image: Town of Taylor.

Posted: 10-11-2021

by Art Benavidez

Taylor (Williamson County) – A Houston-based real estate company announced that it will develop a rail-served distribution building for RCR Taylor Logistics Park.

The 350,000 square foot building will be located on the site of the proposed 750 acre rail park near the intersection of US Route 79 and FM 3349 in western Williamson County.

Developers, Partners Real estate company, are developing Taylor Port Railway Park, which will be the first building of the RCR Taylor Logistics Park.

The park will be a Pacific Union and BNSF logistics park served by rail. The city held a groundbreaking ceremony for the project on May 5.

The development schedule calls for construction to begin in January 2022 and begin operations in September 2022. NAI Partners, the brokerage firm and in-house real estate services to developers, will serve as the leasing agent on the project.

A site map of the company’s website shows 13 warehouses with eight warehouses at 500,000 square feet, with six of those warehouses on 21.8 acres and two on 23.3 acres. Other details of the sitemap include:

  • An 808,034 square foot warehouse on 29.9 acres
  • A 498,125 square foot warehouse on 23.6 acres
  • A 334,996 square foot warehouse on 13.9 acres
  • A 174,000 square foot warehouse on 10.3 acres
  • 6,600 parking spaces on 63.5 acres
  • Four retention basins

RCR Taylor Logistics Park Master Plan by Town of Taylor.

The park mentions that the sites are available for custom designed and built facilities.

The Planning and Zoning Commission last month disapproved of a draft plan for Brookshire Rail Infrastructure and Terminal Development, LLC due to “corrections that must be made before registration of the plate”.

NAI Partners John Coglazier Jr., who will take care of the rental, told the Austin Business Journal such a project would have been inconceivable five years ago, but the Austin area is an ideal region for the logistics industry.

“The main driver of all this development is rail service. Austin has always lacked rail service as an industrial product, ”Coglazier said.

Coglazier added that the development would be of interest to any company looking for a warehouse on a railway siding.

VBX Project ID: 2021-7279


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Perth Property Valuers is a Perth real estate and appraisal company in Perth, WA


Services offered by Perth real estate experts in Perth, WA

Perth, WA – One of the main services is related to tax and customs requirements. Examples of tax services provided by the business include stamp duties, capital gains, and tax audits. Since Perth Property Valuers is one of the leading valuation companies in Western Australia, it is capable of handling some of the most complex valuations.

The right to unity is another service provided by Perth Property Valuers. The company assists with Strata Unit assessments such as unit rights and many other matters required by the Strata Titles Act (1985). It verifies that the unit evaluations comply with the required standards set out by law.

Perth Property Valuers also offers a family law property valuation. Dealing with the valuation of property in family law can be a complicated process, especially during times of serious personal stress. The company offers services to its clients, whether they are dealing with divorce proceedings, inheritance of death or family disputes. It provides independent real estate appraisal services with the required sensitivity and authority. ‘

The company also offers commercial expertise. Perth Property Valuers has the requisite expertise, long-term experience and qualified personnel required in business valuation. The experience of the company’s staff guarantees credible and accurate evaluations. Clients who sell or buy commercial properties get an independent market appraisal for their real estate needs. They are also entitled to real estate expertise in insurance.

Home appraisal is another service provided by the company. There are several reasons why a person may need real estate appraisal services. A professional appraiser is needed to provide a legal appraisal when buying or selling a property or when a bank requires a residential property appraisal. Perth Property Valuers is a seasoned professional appraisal company that provides independent valuation for all residential properties, including residential rental properties.

Perth Property Valuers also provides land disputes and collateral objections. As part of the company’s wide range of services, it helps clients obtain appropriate and fair compensation for their land repossessions. The company can also provide independent appraisal for clients’ rural land properties. This is a very specialized field which requires high level skills and experience.

Other services offered by Perth Property Valuers include internal accounting, building insurance, current fair market, asset register, mortgagee in possession and litigation. These and other valuation services put the company on the list of the best valuation companies in the Western Australia region. The company’s services are not limited to Western Australia and people from other regions are free to seek its services.

Contact Perth Real Estate Experts

Perth Property Valuers is located at Unit 12, 326 Hay Street, Perth, WA 6000. For general inquiries contact their team by calling (08) 9468 3202. For additional information regarding their services visit their website Web.

Media contact

Company Name
Real estate experts in Perth
Name of the contact
John carter
(08) 9468 3202
Unit 12, 326 Hay Street

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Inspired by a home tragedy, a real estate company reaches out to those in need


Commercial real estate and the companies that build it impact everything. From the stores people shop in, to the apartment buildings they live in, to the schools their children attend, CRE is everywhere, which is why commercial real estate companies need to think beyond their latest projects and towards their communities as a whole.

Lee & Associates is the largest broker-owned CRE firm in North America and takes this mission to heart. Founded in 1979, the company offers a wide variety of real estate services, including commercial real estate brokerage and integrated services. In 2019, the company created CompassionateLEE, a charity that hosts fundraising events and organizes outreach events that empower members of Lee & Associates to give back to their communities.

“At its core, Lee & Associates is an organization made up of people who take action and infiltrate their privacy as well as their work,” said Kate Jordan, director of Lee & Associates and president of CompassionateLEE . “When we realized how many people were doing good things, we decided it would be beneficial to achieve economies of scale and work together as a company to accomplish great things. ”

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and severely affected several members of the Lee & Associates team. The team came together and quickly raised funds to help those in need, which prompted the company to formally form CompassionateLEE two years later.

The organization’s initiatives throughout the year in 2021 include fundraising for the American Lung Association, which unites children’s hospitals and the Trevor Project, among other charitable groups.

One group that CompassionateLEE is supporting this year is Wounded Warriors Family Support. The association offers assistance to the families of those who have been wounded, wounded or killed during combat operations. This help goes beyond the financial aspect and also extends to emotional and psychological support. The group also works with military and nonprofit partners to address gaps in services to injured veterans and their families.

“I would like to increase support for some of the organizations that our employees already support,” Jordan said. “I know from personal experience that when you start something from scratch it can be difficult to gain traction because you don’t have a track record. It’s truly amazing that we have the ability to bring in Lee’s substantial resources to support some of these wonderful organizations when they need it most.

CompassionateLEE also works with major charities, including Feeding America, the country’s largest national hunger relief organization with a network of food banks, pantries, and meal programs in nearly every community in the United States. United.

Jordan said this charitable work ties in with the company’s mission as real estate professionals. Often times, she said, people notice how Lee brokers have gone above and beyond to help them. Helping large communities seems like the natural next step, she said.

“CRE professionals play an important role in their communities, representing the cornerstone of local, regional, national and international economic growth in their work with landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers,” said Jeffrey Rinkov, CEO of Lee & Associates. “We have a vested interest in the success of local communities and are obligated to give back by donating their time and funds to create better conditions for families and business residents in these communities. ”

He added that thriving communities, supported by the charitable contributions of CRE professionals, create improved economic and employment opportunities, higher real estate values ​​and better rental rates and can become a catalyst for economic and business growth. general.

Kandi Jaeger, executive office director of Lee & Associates in Cincinnati and president of CompassionateLEE, said her office regularly hosts events for schools, food banks and after-school programs like the Boys & Girls Club.

Going forward, Jaeger hopes that CompassionateLEE can expand its reach nationwide.

“I would like to see a continued drive to increase our annual permanent giving,” Jaeger said. “Finding the perfect scenario for people to plan an annual donation, feeling that tax deduction for charitable contributions, while still having the good feeling that the donation goes first to ours in need, then supporting others within.” our communities nationwide who have a specific need. “

This article was produced in collaboration between Lee & Associates and Studio B press staff. Bisnow was not involved in the production of this content.

Studio B is Bisnow’s in-house content and design studio. To learn more about how Studio B can help your team, contact studio@bisnow.com.

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5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business »RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News


Real estate is an exciting career. This not only allows you to meet new and interesting people, but also get to know a wide variety of properties, some ready to move in and others where your imagination can run wild as you visualize how these spaces can be transformed and what kind of life they are living in. new owners could live there. While helping families find their perfect home is very rewarding and you can work on your schedule, not everything about real estate is relaxed and exhilarating. The best way to build a successful real estate business is to have a strategy and stick to it.

Here are some tips to develop your real estate business:

Create a personal plan

The flexibility offered by working in real estate has the downside of not having a fixed schedule. Start by deciding when you want to start and finish the job each day. Plus, have a clear understanding of your financial needs and goals and the amount of work you need to put in to achieve them. To learn more, click here.

Create a business plan

Do you know what sets you apart from other real estate companies in the area where you work? Think about things like:

  • The principles and values ​​that will drive your business
  • The difference you can make for your prospects
  • The differentiators that make your business what it is
  • What steps you’ll need to take and who you can count on to help you along the way

Having a clear vision of your goals is fundamental to keeping your team members engaged and engaged in the success of your business.

Create a marketing plan

As soon as you pass your licensing exam, you let the fire within you lead you. You search for a brokerage firm that best matches your style, build a database of friends and family, and get to work. Then the referrals can start to come in and you can think you’ve been successful. Don’t fall for this belief. Keep studying the latest buying, selling and pricing trends. Design creative ways to discuss these trends with your prospects and be clear about your unique value proposition. This will boost future sales.

Invest in a website

It is well known that buyers are starting their research online these days, and they should be able to find you. Your website is a great tool for attracting potential customers and engaging prospects online. A solid SEO-focused website is crucial. Once that is in place and you plan to refresh your website content periodically, switch to a stable social media and blogging strategy, which should help you generate more leads.

To be coherent

There will be good days and bad, but the big picture is the big picture. Develop a prospecting strategy and stick to it. It may work better on some days than on others, but keep going.

Take the time to nurture leads, send letters, emails, and make phone calls. If you wait for prospects to come knocking on your door when they’re ready to buy, you risk spending too much time sitting and not enough selling.

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J. Beard Real Estate Company Announces Alignment with SVN


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Jeff Beard, CCIM, President and Founder of The J. Beard Real Estate Company, LP, today announced the company’s alliance with SVN International Corp., a global industry leader. commercial real estate. The company will be known as SVN | J. Beard Real Estate – Greater Houston.

After 18 Years, Woodlands-Based Commercial Real Estate Company Tests Resources By Partnering With SVN, A Global Leader In Commercial Real Estate

Based in The Woodlands, The J. Beard Real Estate Company was established in 2003 and is today a leading commercial real estate brokerage and industry leader in the Greater Houston area. The company’s services include leasing, brokerage, site acquisition, property management, development, consulting and landlord / tenant representation services.

“On the heels of our 18th anniversary, the timing for this strategic alignment couldn’t be more ideal,” said Jeff Beard, SVN | J. Beard Real Estate – Greater Houston. “Our team is stronger than ever. We have grown over the years despite challenges such as the 2008 financial crisis, dramatic fluctuations in the energy sector of the local economy, natural disasters and most recently the global pandemic. Each time our team came together and got bigger and better.

“As a Woodlands-based company, we now have greater opportunities to expand our reach and resources, which will only help us with our current business in Woodlands. We have been very successful in The Woodlands and we remain 100% committed to our customers, owners and ongoing business in this area. Over the years, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully expand our commercial real estate business into other geographies, particularly in Greater Houston, so it’s no different for us. The Woodlands are where I fueled my career in commercial real estate and raised my family. As a business owner, I remain committed to this hometown and will continue to support the community as always. ”

Beard continued, “It is important to note that the ownership and client-centric culture of our firm has not changed. We will continue to have the same boutique focused on quality relationships with the same core values ​​that our team embraces. This exciting alignment with SVN International will improve our access to CRE resources, create new business growth options and professional growth for our associates, which will help provide more ways to better serve our clients.

“Ultimately, we have the same ownership, the same market expertise provided by the same entrepreneurial company, but now with a bigger and broader national and international reach. ”

Kevin Maggiacomo, President and CEO of SVN, added: “As the SVN brand GROWS around the world, we work in partnership with market leaders who share our vision of a collaborative, open and transparent approach. commercial real estate. SVN | J. Beard Real Estate has long been an influential leader in Greater Houston and is another important addition to the organization. We look forward to rapidly expanding SVN’s presence and culture in Houston, Texas. ”

With 200 offices around the world, SVN International’s service portfolio includes sales, leasing, capital markets, business services, project management, tenant representation, and expedited sales / auctions. Specialty practice areas include hospitality, industry, land, multi-family housing, offices, retail and special uses.

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Graana.com and UCP prepare for BS Real Estate Management

Staff Reporter

By setting a pragmatic benchmark in the real estate academia, Graana.com and the University of Central Punjab are preparing to launch Pakistan’s very first BS in Property Management.

Pakistan’s First Multidisciplinary Bachelor Program in Property Management aims to create a pathway to develop quality workforce and strategic leaders with successful careers to meet the challenges of the housing sector in Pakistan and provide relevant solutions.

In this regard, the CEO of Graana.com, Mr. Shafiq Akbar, as well as the senior management of the UCP, including the dean of the business school, Mr. Faisal Mustafa, organized a webinar to discuss the importance of formal education to revolutionize the sector.

“To promote this initiative, Graana.com is promising jobs for graduates of UCP’s BS Real Estate Management,” Graana.com CEO Shafiq Akbar announced during the webinar.

The wide-range degree is an amalgamation of theories of finance and management, starting with the fundamental subjects of economics, finance and general management.

Participants will be subjected to an analysis of the financial and real estate markets and a better understanding of the functioning of financial institutions and real estate markets.

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The real estate team wins the award for the best residential real estate agency


The Arbor Move @ The More Group team took home the award for Best Residential Real Estate Sponsored by Build, beating more than 10,000 other competitors.

The Arbor Move @ The More Group team was named the winner of Southeast Michigan’s Best Residential Real Estate Agency, beating 10,000 other competitors for top honors. Build presented the award to The Arbor Move Team @ The More Group 2021 Real Estate and Property Awards. Pricing details can be found on the company’s website at https://blog.arbormove.com/2021/09/13/best-residential-real-estate-agency-southeast-michigan/

From the Arbor Move team: “From research to signing, we create a smarter real estate experience. We like to get to know each other, we spend time with our clients, with our salespeople and with other real estate agents in order to give us the upper hand in any transaction. We are well respected in the Ann Arbor area and when given the opportunity to work with ourselves rather than someone else, we already have one foot in the door.

The Arbor Move team has become the go-to team for those looking to work with professional real estate agents and seasoned professionals. Savvy negotiations, excellent business relationships and uncompromising integrity are the basis of their work model.

Exceptionally loyal clientele, personal references and loyal customers form the basis of their business. The handpicked associates have been carefully selected from the best professionals in the industry to form a cohesive team that seamlessly supports the client in all aspects of selling or buying a home.

Potential award recipients had to have a certain number of sales for the year and have excellent client ratings in order to be in the shortlist for Best Residential Real Estate Agency – Southeast Michigan, and were judged on the basis best customer service, a large number of satisfied customers and located in the Southeast Michigan area. Middy Matthews, Team Leader of the Arbor Move @ The More Group team, praised the performance of the company, saying:

“We are delighted to receive this and look forward to continuing to work hard and setting an example for other Realtors.”

Those interested in learning more about the Arbor Move @ The More Group team and award can visit the website at https://blog.arbormove.com/2021/09/13/best-residential-real-estate-agency-southeast-michigan/.

Contact information:
Name: Middy Matthews
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: The Arbor Move team @ The More Group
Address: 2020 Hogback Road # 3, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA
Phone: + 1-734-436-3433
Website: http://arbormove.com

Version number: 89048235

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The owner of Malden Real Estate Company stole a property and sold it: AG


MALDEN, MA – The former co-owner of a Malden real estate company has pleaded guilty to a scheme to steal property from owners and resell them for a profit, said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

Kofi Asare, 43, of Worcester, pleaded guilty in Middlesex Superior Court to four counts of forgery, theft over $ 250 and false writing.

“This defendant carried out a real estate scheme in which he stole from owners and falsified documents in order to make a profit for himself,” Healey said in a statement. “We remain committed to protecting those with distressed properties from these predatory and deceptive practices.”

Healey’s office said Asare started stealing real estate around 2015 by creating forged deeds, on which he forged the owner’s signature to transfer ownership to himself or his company, Ashmex, Inc.

Once Asare fraudulently acquired the property, he would try to sell it to third-party buyers without the victim’s knowledge, keeping the profits for himself or his business, investigators said.

Asare also posed as a real estate agent to get more information on homeowners’ mortgages, including payment history, repayments and requests for short sales, Healey’s office said, using these information to facilitate the sale of properties.

A judge sentenced Asare to two years in the reformatory, with six months to serve, and the balance suspended for a two-year probationary period, with conditions. Asare is to pay a restitution of $ 549,480, dissolve all entities he owns that engage in the acquisition and sale of real estate, and refrain from practicing real estate or being employed by any entity that buys, sells or markets real estate.

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Opening of a new real estate company in Sheridan | Local News


SHERIDAN – Engel & Völkers recently announced the opening of its brand new real estate boutique in Sheridan, run by its licensed partner David G. Turner, a real estate professional with over 18 years of experience in several Wyoming markets. .

Turner founded and ran Big Horn Real Estate, a subsidiary of Christie’s International Real Estate in 2018, which will now operate as Engel & Völkers Sheridan and serve buyers and sellers in Sheridan and Johnson counties. Jeff Wallack, Chartered Real Estate Broker for nearly 40 years, is the Managing Broker of the boutique.

Turner and Wallack are supported by Zach McDermott, Cody Hunt and Jackson Pauly.

“Wyoming remains a popular destination for home buyers today,” said Anthony Hitt, President and CEO, Engel & Völkers Americas. “People continue to look for primary and secondary residences in places with plenty of outdoor space and recreational opportunities that provide an idyllic respite from city life. I am delighted that this team is leading our presence in Northern Wyoming and look forward to the synergies that will result from our growing number of stores in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, contributing to our continued growth in the Americas and worldwide. “

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Tightening Conditions for Real Estate Business in Vietnam – Real Estate and Construction


To print this article, simply register or connect to Mondaq.com.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Construction is holding consultations with organizations, individuals and experts on the draft decree on Vietnamese Real Estate Law.

The notable point is that the draft regulation is stricter than the conditions for real estate business when it is proposed that organizations and individuals must set up companies or cooperatives in the same sector to do real estate business.

As a result, when setting up a real estate company, companies should disclose information such as name, registered office address, legal representative, phone number and real estate information put in the company. ‘business. on the company web portal, the web portal of the provincial housing authority where the company registers its activity and where the real estate is put into activity.

In the case of being an investor in a real estate project, in addition to the above provisions, the owner’s own funds must be at least 20% of the total investment capital for projects whose occupancy scale of soil is less than 20 hectares. For projects of a scale of 20 hectares or more, this level is 15%.

The draft decree on Vietnamese real estate law

The draft decree also mentions more specifically organizations, households and individuals carrying out small-scale and irregular real estate activities. Accordingly, small real estate business is defined as cases of sale, rental, hire-purchase of houses and construction work, transfer, hire or sublet of land use rights below the area for the construction of houses and works prescribed by the Provincial Committee.

Irregular real estate matters include cases such as the sale or transfer of houses and construction work due to bankruptcy or dissolution; sale, transfer, hire-purchase of real estate belonging to the State when this is authorized by the competent public bodies; Credit institutions sell or transfer houses, works, projects under guarantee or mortgage to collect the debt.

According to the draft decree, these groups are not required to meet the above conditions but must declare and pay taxes in accordance with the regulations.

In addition, the Ministry of Construction is also collecting opinions for the draft decree sanctioning administrative offenses in the construction field. This draft decree provides a number of new points on fines in real estate affairs, construction violations, remedial measures, penalties for illegal construction.

This project has increased the level of fine from 1.5 to 2 times compared to the level of fine specified in Decree No.139 / 2017 / ND-CP (Decree 139) stipulating the sanction of administrative offenses in the activities of investment in construction. Particularly offenders in the field of construction orders and real estate affairs, with fines of up to VND 1 billion.

In addition, the draft decree increases the fine up to VND 800 million for certain acts of real estate activity such as the transfer of all or part of a project without guaranteeing the prescribed requirements or conditions, the handing over of houses and construction works to clients when the investment in housing construction has not been completed, construction works and technical and social infrastructure works according to the schedule indicated in the approved project, connection with the common infrastructure system in the region is not yet secured; illegally mobilize or appropriate capital; using capital raised from organizations or individuals or money advanced from buyers, tenants and tenants to purchase future real estate for improper purposes, as promised.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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Choose a real estate agent


Choosing a real estate agent is a business decision, so you need to employ the best person for you and your expectations.

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