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Graana.com and UCP prepare for BS Real Estate Management

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By setting a pragmatic benchmark in the real estate academia, Graana.com and the University of Central Punjab are preparing to launch Pakistan’s very first BS in Property Management.

Pakistan’s First Multidisciplinary Bachelor Program in Property Management aims to create a pathway to develop quality workforce and strategic leaders with successful careers to meet the challenges of the housing sector in Pakistan and provide relevant solutions.

In this regard, the CEO of Graana.com, Mr. Shafiq Akbar, as well as the senior management of the UCP, including the dean of the business school, Mr. Faisal Mustafa, organized a webinar to discuss the importance of formal education to revolutionize the sector.

“To promote this initiative, Graana.com is promising jobs for graduates of UCP’s BS Real Estate Management,” Graana.com CEO Shafiq Akbar announced during the webinar.

The wide-range degree is an amalgamation of theories of finance and management, starting with the fundamental subjects of economics, finance and general management.

Participants will be subjected to an analysis of the financial and real estate markets and a better understanding of the functioning of financial institutions and real estate markets.

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